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Cummins Diesel Generator Practical Operation Training

Jun. 15, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the content of the learning and training of common problems in the practical operation of Cummins diesel generators.

Cummins generator

A good product also needs a good operator. No matter how good the product is, if the operator does not strictly follow the operating procedures, the best diesel generator set will be easily damaged and its service life will be reduced. In order to make operators proficient in diesel generator operation skills, improve the ability to respond to sudden power outages. During the delivery and acceptance stage of diesel generator sets, generator operation training is generally organized, and relevant personnel from all departments must participate. The training content arranged by the diesel generator manufacturer mainly adopts the method of combining theory and practice with on-site teaching, and gives a comprehensive and detailed explanation from the internal structure, operation process and daily maintenance of the generator. Through learning and practice, everyone has an updated understanding of the operation process of diesel generators, which provides a strong guarantee for the company to quickly solve the production activities of the company in the face of mains power failure in the future.

After starting the Cummins diesel generator, it is required to idle for 3-5 minutes: After the diesel engine is started, it takes a period of time to re-establish the oil film between the crankshaft and the bearing, and between the piston and the cylinder liner. The optimum clearance between moving parts can only work properly when the engine temperature reaches a certain level. Therefore, at the beginning of the start, do not rush to pull high power, high torque or high speed to avoid the piston biting in the cylinder or the bearing producing dry friction.

Cummins diesel generators are required to idle for 3-5 minutes before stopping: the diesel engine idles for 3-5 minutes before stopping each time, so that the lubricating oil can take away the heat from the combustion chamber, bearings and oil seals. Especially the supercharger, if it stops suddenly, the bearing and oil seal are very likely to be seized. Do not let the engine idle for too long: long-term idling is not good for the engine, because the combustion chamber temperature is too low, making it impossible for the fuel to burn completely. This will cause carbon deposits that will clog the injector orifices and piston rings and may cause the valves to stick.

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