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Correction the Parts Bending of Weichai Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 08, 2023

The parts of Weichai diesel generator set often appear bending in the process of use. Correction is the method of using external force or flame to eliminate the original deformation of Weichai diesel generator set and make the parts of Weichai diesel generator set produce new plastic deformation. Calibration includes cold calibration and hot calibration. The cold calibration of Weichai diesel generator set can be divided into pressure calibration and cold operation calibration. The pressure calibration puts the deformed parts into the V-groove of the press to make the convex surface of Weichai diesel generator set face up, and uses pressure to press the parts, release the pressure and check the deformation. If it is not proofread at once, it can be proofread multiple times until the proofreading is completed. In order to ensure the deformation stability of Weichai diesel generator set after pressure correction and improve the rigidity of parts, qualitative heat treatment is required after correction. Pressure calibration is simple, but the calibration accuracy is not easy to control.

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The residual stress of the parts is large, which affects instability and reduces fatigue strength. Cold working correction is the process of using a hammer to strike the convex surface of a component to produce plastic deformation. This part of the metal is squeezed and stretched, generating compressive stress in the plastic deformation layer. The deformation layer can be regarded as a compression spring, which generates thrust on adjacent metals. Under the stress of the deformation layer, the bending part was corrected. The cold correction accuracy is easy to control and the effect is stable. Generally, qualitative heat treatment is not carried out and the fatigue strength of the parts is not reduced. However, it cannot correct excessively bent parts.

During cooling, the shrinkage is in direct proportion to the degree of temperature reduction, which causes the shrinkage of Weichai diesel generator set to be greater than the expansion, and the shrinkage force is large. The deformation of Weichai diesel generator set parts can be corrected through the shrinkage force. The greater the bending of Weichai diesel generator set parts, the higher the heating temperature. With the increase of heating area of Weichai diesel generator set, the ability to correct bending deformation is enhanced. The heating area can be determined based on the deformation situation. When the heating depth increases to 1/3 of the part thickness, the correction effect is better.

However, with the increasing heating depth of Weichai diesel generator set, the correction effect will be reduced, and the heat permeability of each part will not play a correction role. During the calibration process, the heating depth is mainly determined by experience. The parts must not have heat permeability, and cooling measures should be taken if necessary. Calibration is suitable for large parts with large deformations and complex shapes. It has the advantages of high calibration accuracy, small impact on fatigue strength, and wide application. For parts with high requirements, inspection must be carried out after calibration. If cracks are found, timely measures should be taken to repair or scrap them. Calibration can be carried out on a press or using special tools or hammers.

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