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Correct Use of Cummins Diesel Generators

May. 24, 2022

Cummins diesel generator sets are widely used and can be seen in various occasions such as road traffic and production enterprises. In order to prolong the service life of Cummins generator sets, users should use them correctly. What precautions should be taken during use matter?

Cummins generators

After the new Cummins diesel generator set is installed, it should be checked before starting, and the "preparation before starting" should be done before each start. Remember that the diesel engine must be started with no load. Cummins diesel generator sets must be operated by personnel who are familiar with the structure of the unit and master the safety operation rules. For new or overhauled diesel engines, they must be run-in for 60 hours when they start to use.

For a new supercharged diesel engine or a newly exchanged supercharger, the oil inlet pipe joint on the supercharger must be removed, and 50-60mL of oil must be added to prevent the supercharger bearing from being burned due to lack of oil during starting. It is not allowed to start the diesel engine without an air filter to prevent dust and impurities from entering the diesel engine, so as to avoid early wear and tear of the diesel engine.

After the diesel engine is started, it should run at no-load for 3-5 minutes, and then it is allowed to gradually accelerate and load. When the outlet water temperature of the diesel engine is higher than 75°C, the oil temperature is higher than 50°C, and the oil pressure is higher than 0.25MPa, the normal operation is allowed. Work. For new or long-term unused generator sets, they must undergo strict inspection before they are put into normal operation, mainly to check the winding insulation, wiring, etc., if there is any discrepancy, take necessary measures.

When the diesel engine is running, the running dynamics of the diesel engine and the indicated values of all instruments should be observed at all times. In case of emergency, emergency shutdown measures should be taken to prevent the diesel engine from being bitten to death due to lack of water and overheating or loss of oil pressure. It is not allowed to use seawater to directly cool the diesel engine. If the thermostat that controls the water temperature fails, it should be replaced in time, and it should not be dismantled for use. When adjusting the tension of the V-belt and other driving devices, the diesel engine should be stopped. Always check whether the fastening bolts and nuts are loose.

After the diesel engine is stopped, especially when the antifreeze coolant is not used in cold weather, the cooling water in all the cooling water chambers should be drained to prevent the parts from freezing and cracking. For the running diesel engine, be careful when filling the coolant (closed type). Prevent steam injury. The pressure cap is only allowed to be opened when the water temperature is below 70°C. When the diesel engine is not used for a long time or is being repaired, in order to prevent the diesel engine from starting unexpectedly, the connecting wire between the diesel engine and the battery should be removed. Where there is a lead seal on the diesel engine, the user cannot adjust it by himself. If necessary, it should be sent to the special management department for repair or adjustment.

When filling oil, lubricating oils of different specifications cannot be mixed. When replenishing battery electrolyte, care should be taken to avoid acid injury. During operation, the operator should keep a safe distance from the live equipment and wear labor protection equipment. In the event of an electric shock, the power switch should be cut off quickly, or the power supply should be cut off or disconnected with an insulating device and a doctor should be called to the scene for rescue. .

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