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Cooling Measures for Turbocharger of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 31, 2023

When the diesel generator set is running, because the turbocharger increases the pressure and density of the incoming air, accordingly, the fuel quantity of the diesel engine will increase, the engine speed will change, and the output power of the diesel generator set will also increase. At this time, the temperature of relevant components such as exhaust pipe, cooler and combustion chamber increases, and cooling measures need to be taken to solve this problem. Next, Starlight power generation equipment will talk about the content of cooling measures.

standby generator set

1. Install the intercooler

The maximum combustion temperature and exhaust temperature in the combustion chamber can be reduced by 2~3 ℃ when the intake temperature of the diesel engine decreases by 1 ℃. Install an intercooler to cool the supercharged air, which can effectively reduce the intake temperature.

2. Enhanced cooling system

There are two ways to further strengthen the cooling capacity of the lubricating system and cooling system of the diesel engine:

(1) Properly increase the displacement of the oil pump, the heat dissipation area of the oil cooler, and improve the ventilation conditions of the crankcase.

(2) Properly increase the pump displacement, radiator area of water tank and fan diameter, and increase the pump speed.

3. Improve fuel supply system

After the diesel engine is supercharged, the heat load of the fuel supply system increases without adjustment. The fuel supply system should be properly adjusted to make the combustion process more reasonable. There are usually four ways: 1. Shorten the fuel supply time to prevent afterburning. 2. Increase the mixing speed of air flow in the combustion chamber and strengthen the mixing of oil and gas. 3. Properly increase the injection pressure and improve the degree of diesel atomization. 4. Use proper installation depth of fuel injector to improve atomization conditions.

4. Reasonably adjust the fuel supply advance angle

The fuel supply advance angle is very sensitive to the exhaust temperature. It is beneficial to reduce deflagration by reducing the fuel supply advance angle, but it is easy to produce afterburning when the fuel supply is too late, which will increase the exhaust temperature. Due to the high temperature of combustible gas and combustion chamber wall, the fuel supply advance angle of turbocharged diesel engine should be smaller than that of non-pressurized diesel engine.

The combination of the above four measures can well solve the cooling needs of the turbocharger of the diesel generator set, and users can use it for reference. In addition, Starlight wants to tell you that turbocharging the diesel generator set at medium speed is the best, and it is convenient for the diesel generator set to start and speed up quickly under heavy load.

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