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Cooling and Exhaust System of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 20, 2023

What do you think should be paid attention to when using the cooling and exhaust system of diesel generator sets? The engine room must ensure the intake air volume to supplement the air consumed for engine combustion and to exhaust the large amount of heat emitted by the diesel generator set during operation through the radiator core outside the room, so that the temperature inside the room is as close as possible to the ambient temperature and the body temperature is maintained within the normal working range. The first step is to use the air outlet, Adopting a slanted upper air intake method close to the control panel side of the diesel generator set, and adding a shutter and metal protective mesh curtain to prevent foreign objects from entering and ensure normal air convection.

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To prevent the return of hot air, the inlet of the diesel generator set should be as far away from the exhaust outlet as possible, and the air in the machine room should be allowed to flow directly. The inlet should be protected to prevent rainwater and other foreign objects from entering. The temperature inside the generator room should be as high as possible at the exhaust outlet. One outlet should be covered with a ventilation fan according to the temperature of the generating environment, which is too thick to strengthen air ventilation. The other should exhaust indoor hot air outside. Prevent debris from entering, without sharp bends or barriers. Do not go against the perennial wind direction to avoid obstructing ventilation. If unavoidable, elbows or air deflectors 4-8 should be used for ventilation.

The air filter after cooling the diesel generator set is well sealed to prevent hot air from entering. The cooling air must be led from the motor room, and the specific structure layout of the motor. It should be ensured that the net area of the exhaust outlet is not less than 1.25 times the effective area of the radiator core. The center position of the exhaust outlet should be consistent with the center position of the unit radiator core as much as possible, and the width to height ratio of the exhaust outlet should also be the same as the width to height ratio of the radiator core as much as possible. To prevent the return of hot air and the transmission of mechanical vibrations to the outside, it is recommended to install an elastic shock absorbing horn type air guide groove between the radiator and exhaust outlet.

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