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Considerations for Purchasing Household or Commercial Backup Generators

May. 08, 2024

Whether you live in hurricane prone areas, tornado prone areas, or frost prone areas in the north, it is a good idea to prepare some backup plans when there is a power outage. Generators are highly valuable specialized equipment. However, like everything else, before you decide which one to buy, you need to know some things.

shangchai standby generator

Before purchasing a household or commercial backup generator, there are several things to consider. Should you buy a gas generator or a diesel generator? The different types of fuels it typically uses are gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or propane.


The cheapest is natural gas, but it also has the shortest duration and requires the most maintenance. In addition, gasoline cannot be stored for a long time unless it has been treated with a stabilizer. Diesel is considered one of the best fuels because it is more efficient. However, natural gas and propane burn cleanly, but not always easily in some areas.


Based on how many watts you think you may need in a crisis, you may need a portable generator ranging from 5KW to 7KW. This may be enough to run your lights, refrigerator, and TV. Of course, if you need to run more specialized devices, then you need to increase the power. Be sure to check a few different places, so you will feel at ease and safe. You should be very certain that the machine you purchased can handle the electrical equipment you need to operate.


Another issue to consider is the ease of operation, as some may be electric starting while others may be pull starting. If it is a pull start, gas generators may be difficult to start, while portable diesel generators may be difficult to start in cold weather.


If you can't afford a small generator, then you can consider renting one, if there is such a place nearby. If you don't need service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this would be very helpful. However, it is a good idea to know what type of wattage you will need before you rent one. Find out everything you want to run with a portable generator, and the rental staff can help you figure out how many watts you need.


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