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Composition of Jichai Diesel Generator Hydraulic Governor

Oct. 14, 2022

When the diesel generator of JICHAI operates stably under a load, the centrifugal force of the flying weight and the pre tightening force of the speed regulating spring reach a balanced state, the control hole is closed in the middle of the slide valve, the space below the power piston is closed, the power piston does not move, the output shaft and the oil volume regulating rod are fixed at a certain position, so that the unit has a fuel supply volume corresponding to the external load, and the unit operates stably at the speed set by the spring.

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When the load of Jichai diesel generator increases, the speed decreases, the centrifugal force of the flying weight is greater than the preload of the speed regulating spring, the flying weight retracts inward, and the speed regulating rod moves downward, so that the floating rod swings downward with the right end C as the pivot, and the slide valve is pushed downward and the control hole on the sleeve is opened, so that the high-pressure oil enters the lower chamber of the power piston. As the off duty area of the power piston is twice that of the upper part, the power piston moves upward and drives the output shaft to rotate counterclockwise for refueling, increasing the oil supply of the diesel generator of JICHAI to raise the speed. With the output shaft rotating counterclockwise, the left end of the feedback lever moves upward and the right end moves downward with the fulcrum as the center, driving the large feedback piston to move downward and compressing the lubricating oil in the compensation space. Because of the throttling effect of the compensation needle valve, the small feedback piston moves up and compresses the feedback spring. At this time, the floating rod rotates counterclockwise with the left end A as the fulcrum, driving the slide valve to move up, so that it returns to the original balance position in advance, and the oil hole is closed again to stop the oil filling movement of the power piston.

After that, due to the recovery effect of the feedback spring, the small piston will gradually move down and reset, and the excess lubricating oil will be discharged by the needle valve. This downward moving speed is consistent with the upward speed of the speed regulating lever, so that the slide valve is in the central position. The floating rod is restored to its original position until the increase of oil volume matches the increase of load, and the diesel generator of JICHAI is restored to the original working speed. In addition, when the output shaft rotates counterclockwise, it also drives the speed reducing rod to rotate counterclockwise around the support pin, its right end moves up, the speed regulating gear and the central screw then move up together, and the speed regulating spring is slightly loosened. As a result, the stable working speed of Jichai diesel generator after the load increases is slightly lower than the original working speed.

The condition of load reduction is just the opposite. The working speed of the diesel generator of Jichai after adjustment is slightly higher than the original speed. The above content is the composition principle of the hydraulic governor of Jichai diesel generator. According to the current development, the hydraulic governor has been widely used not only in the diesel generator, but also in the computer, conveyor belt, and electric fan fields.

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