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Composition of B Type Fuel Injection Pump of Volvo Diesel Generator

Oct. 14, 2022

The B-type fuel injection pump of Volvo diesel generator set is mainly composed of pump body, sub pump, fuel volume control mechanism and transmission mechanism. Type B fuel injection pump is fixed on the bracket at one side of the engine block and driven by the unit crankshaft through the timing gear. The camshaft of the fuel injection pump is connected with the drive shaft by a coupling. The governor is installed at the rear end of the fuel injection pump. Its structure is as follows:

Volvo diesel generator

(1) The pump body is integral, with a horizontal partition in the middle, which is divided into upper chamber and lower chamber. The upper chamber is equipped with a slave cylinder and an oil volume control mechanism, and the lower chamber is equipped with a transmission mechanism and an appropriate amount of oil. The upper chamber is provided with a vertical hole for installing the plunger pair, and a longitudinal low-pressure oil circuit is opened in the middle to connect each plunger sleeve with the surrounding annular oil chamber. One end of the oil passage is installed with the oil inlet pipe connector, and the other end is plugged with a screw plug. Two ends of the front of the upper chamber are respectively provided with a bleed screw, which can discharge the air in the low-pressure oil duct when necessary.

The middle horizontal partition is provided with vertical holes for installing the roller drive components. Store lubricating oil in the lower chamber to lubricate the transmission mechanism; The front is provided with the oil size and flange for mounting the oil transfer pump. The fuel transfer pump is driven by an eccentric on the camshaft. The front of the upper chamber is provided with an inspection window. Open the inspection port cover to check and adjust the oil supply volume of each cylinder and the oil supply interval of two adjacent cylinders.

(2) The slave cylinder is the pumping mechanism of the fuel injection pump. Its number is equal to the number of cylinders. The structure of each slave cylinder is identical. It mainly consists of plunger coupling (plunger and plunger sleeve), plunger spring, upper spring seat, lower spring seat, oil outlet valve coupling (oil outlet valve and oil outlet valve seat), oil outlet valve spring, oil outlet valve tight seat and other components.

(3) The fuel volume control mechanism is used to rotate the plunger to change the fuel supply volume of the fuel injection pump and adjust the fuel supply uniformity of each cylinder according to the changes in load and speed of Volvo diesel generator. The B-type pump of Volvo diesel generator set adopts a gear rod type oil volume control mechanism.

(4) The transmission mechanism is used to drive the fuel injection pump and adjust its fuel supply advance angle. It is composed of camshaft, roller drive parts, etc. The camshaft is supported on tapered bearings at both ends, with a coupling installed at the front end and a governor connected at the rear end. In order to ensure that each cylinder is injected once within the crankshaft angle equivalent to one working cycle, the camshaft speed of the injection pump of the four stroke diesel generator shall be equal to 1/2 of the crankshaft speed.

The above contents are the structural components of the B-type fuel injection pump of Volvo diesel generator. The components work together, but the materials must have sufficient strength, stiffness and tightness, and be easy to disassemble, adjust and maintain.

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