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Common Trouble Shooting Methods Of Diesel Generator Fuel Injection Pump

Nov. 11, 2022

Fault feature 1: fuel injection pump does not supply fuel.


Possible causes:

(1) There is no diesel in the fuel tank.

(2) Air enters the fuel system.

(3) The fuel filter or fuel pipe is blocked.

(4) The fuel transfer pump is faulty and does not supply fuel.

(5) The plunger coupling is seized.

(6) The joint surface between the oil outlet valve seat and the plunger sleeve is poorly sealed.



(1) Add diesel oil in time.

(2) Use the fuel hand pump to exhaust air.

(3) Clean the filter screen, replace the fuel filter, and purge the pipeline after cleaning.

(4) Repair according to the troubleshooting method of oil delivery pump.

(5) Have professional maintenance personnel remove the plunger coupling for grinding and replace it if necessary.

(6) Have professional maintenance personnel disassemble and repair, and replace if necessary.


diesel generator set

Fault feature 2: uneven oil supply.


Possible causes:

(1) There is air in the fuel line and the fuel is supplied intermittently.

(2) The outlet valve spring is broken.

(3) The oil outlet valve seat face is worn.

(4) Impurities block the plunger.

(5) The oil inlet pressure is too low.



(1) Use the fuel hand pump to exhaust air.

(2) Replace the fuel injection pump.

(3) Have the professional maintenance personnel replace the oil outlet valve coupling.

(4) Have them cleaned by professional maintenance personnel.

(5) Check whether the filter screen and fuel filter of the fuel transfer pump inlet connector are blocked, and replace them if necessary. Clean and maintain on schedule.


Fault feature 3: insufficient oil output.


Possible causes:

(1) The oil outlet valve is leaking.

(2) The filter screen or fuel filter of the fuel transfer pump inlet connector is blocked.

(3) The plunger coupling is worn.


Exclusion scheme:

(1) Have professional maintenance personnel check the oil outlet valve coupling and replace it if necessary.

(2) Clean the filter screen and replace the fuel filter.

(3) Have professional maintenance personnel replace the plunger coupling.


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