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Common Problems And Solutions Of Engine Intercooler

Jun. 01, 2022

The main function of the intercooler is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine. The intercooler is actually a turbocharger accessory. Its function is to reduce the high temperature air temperature after supercharging, so as to reduce the heat load of the engine and increase the intake air volume, thereby increasing the power of the engine. For supercharged engines, the intercooler is an important component of the supercharging system. The following are the common faults and solutions of the intercooler introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Power technicians.


Since the intercooler is a simple heat-dissipating mechanical part, the general form of damage is damage and air leakage. The symptoms of a broken intercooler are as follows:


1. The symptoms of air leakage in the intercooler are that the power drops, the fuel consumption rises, the exhaust temperature rises slightly, and black smoke will be emitted if the combustion is insufficient. Over time, it will easily lead to a large amount of carbon deposits on the valve and cylinder head.


2. The supercharger does not work, and it will cause oil leakage at the pressure end of the supercharger (but the supercharger is not damaged).


3. If the intercooler is seriously damaged, it is possible to inhale sand into the cylinder and accelerate the wear of the cylinder.

generating set

What causes the intercooler to clog?


Inferior air filter, part of the pipeline at the intake end of the turbocharger is broken, the clamp is loose and the seal is not tight, and the supercharger body is damaged by oil leakage.


Can the intercooler be cleaned? Is there any good way?


If the intercooler is slightly polluted by oil and dust, you can pour an appropriate amount of gasoline, and after it is fully dissolved, rinse it with water repeatedly and dry it. It is not recommended to irrigate with an acidic or alkaline liquid. The second type, if a large area is blocked due to the rupture of the inferior filter and pipeline, there is basically no repair value. The intercooler is basically a high-strength aluminum part. Even if it is welded after disassembly, it is easy to break again. It is recommended to replace Intercooler.


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