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Common Faults of Diesel Generator Set Main Circuit

Jun. 07, 2022

After the diesel generator set is used for a long time, the consumption of its own components increases, which easily leads to many problems. Diesel generator set failures should be dealt with in a timely manner. What faults are prone to occur in the main circuit of diesel generator sets?

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1. The quality of the power part of the diesel generator set itself is not good, the coil winding is not welded or de-soldered; the lead wire and the coil are in poor contact. Preventive measures: choose the power part of the diesel generator set with better quality.

2. The quality of electrical components is unqualified, and the capacity cannot reach the nominal capacity, resulting in abnormal phenomena such as contact damage and sticking. Precautionary measures: Select suitable components and carefully check them before installation.

3. The dynamic and static contacts of the contactor of the diesel generator set are in poor contact. The main reasons are: improper selection of the contactor, low arc extinguishing ability of the contacts, sticking the moving and static contacts together, asynchronous movements of the three-phase contacts, resulting in phase loss operation. Preventive measures: choose a more suitable contactor.

4. The use environment is harsh, such as humidity, vibration, corrosive gas and poor heat dissipation conditions, etc., which will cause damage to the contacts or oxidation of the wiring, and poor contact, resulting in lack of phase operation. Preventive measures: Select electrical components that meet environmental requirements, take appropriate protective measures, force the surrounding environment to be improved, and replace components regularly.

5. Irregular inspection, the contacts of the contactor are severely worn, and the surface is uneven, resulting in insufficient contact pressure and lack of phase operation. Preventive measures: According to the actual situation, determine a reasonable inspection and maintenance cycle, and carry out strict and careful maintenance work.

6. Improper selection of the thermal relay will cause the bimetal of the thermal relay to burn out, resulting in phase-deficient operation. Preventive measures: choose a suitable thermal relay and try to avoid overloading.

7. Improper installation, resulting in wire breakage or wire breakage due to external force damage. Precautionary measures: During the construction of wires and cables, the specifications should be strictly enforced.

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