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Common Faults Of Diesel Generator And Troubleshooting

Nov. 14, 2022

Today, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will share common faults of diesel generator and how to eliminate them. The fuel delivery pump of diesel generator accessory is a single acting piston type, which is installed on the side of the fuel injection pump of the diesel generator set and driven by the eccentric wheel on the fuel injection pump shaft. Its function is to suck fuel from the fuel tank and supply sufficient fuel to the injection pump of the diesel generator set at a certain pressure. But sometimes we find that the oil volume is insufficient?


Possible causes:

(1) The check valve is worn or broken.

(2) The piston is worn.

(3) The oil inlet tight cap leaks.

(4) The inlet screen of the fuel transfer pump is blocked.

(5) The piston is stuck and the oil is cut off.

(6) The fuel transfer pump leaks oil.



(1) Grind or replace the fuel transfer pump.

(2) Replace the fuel transfer pump.

(3) Retighten or repair.

(4) Clean the filter screen.

(5) Replace the fuel transfer pump.

(6) Check the fuel transfer pump and replace it if necessary.


diesel generator

Before starting the diesel generator set, use the hand pump on the oil transfer pump to pump oil and remove the air in the oil circuit. It can smoothly suck up the fuel 1 m below the center of the fuel transfer pump within 0.5 min. Tighten the handle nut after pumping oil.


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