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Common Faults in The Valve Distribution Mechanism of Diesel Generators

Jan. 04, 2024

The valve train of diesel generators always operates at high temperatures, and common abnormal damage faults include: 1. broken valve springs; 2. Worn valve guides, bent push rods, worn or broken rocker arms; 3. Damaged tappet or abnormal wear of camshaft; 4. Valve or valve spring breakage; 5. Valve turning or burning; 6. Valve seat ring detachment, etc.

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Harm of valve mechanism failure: The mechanical failure of the valve mechanism mentioned above has a direct adverse effect on the diesel engine. If the valve clearance is not correct, it will affect the power and exhaust quality of the diesel generator; If the valve guide is worn or the valve oil seal is damaged, it will increase the oil consumption of the diesel generator and exacerbate the blue smoke in the exhaust; If the valve head is damaged or burned, it may affect the power performance of the diesel generator in mild cases, and in severe cases, it may directly damage the piston, cylinder liner, and cylinder head of the diesel engine. The valve train is the respiratory organ of a diesel engine, and it is very important to always maintain its good working condition.

The main causes of abnormal damage to the valve distribution mechanism are:

1. Improper use and adjustment. Improper adjustment is the main cause of bent push rods, broken valve stems, and damaged tappets in the valve train. This is because: (1) If the installation mark of the camshaft timing gear is not accurately aligned during installation, there may be a phenomenon of chaotic operation of the valve mechanism, with the piston hitting the valve, the push rod bending in light cases, and in heavy cases, it may crush the tappet or break the valve rod; (2) If the valve clearance adjustment is not correct, it can also cause the valve to hit the piston, which may lead to problems such as bent push rods and valve turning.

2. Poor lubrication. The relevant lubrication parts of the gas distribution mechanism are located at the end of the lubrication system, and their lubrication conditions and effects are relatively poor. Due to poor lubrication, wear of valve guides, rocker arm seat holes, and other components is inevitable. When the oil pressure is low, the lubrication of the valve mechanism becomes more unfavorable, making it more prone to some faults that are not easy to occur under normal circumstances (such as rocker arm seat breakage). Therefore, maintaining good lubrication is one of the effective methods to avoid wear of valve mechanism components.

3. Maintenance quality. Incorrect material selection and processing methods are also one of the reasons for damage to the valve distribution mechanism. For example, valve head turning, valve stem fracture, valve seat ring detachment, etc., are mostly caused by maintenance or inadequate material strength. Especially when the valve seat ring falls off, it is due to the failure to strictly follow the assembly and processing requirements when replacing the valve seat ring, resulting in the valve seat ring losing its interference and falling off at high temperatures.

Valve seat ring detachment, valve head turning or valve stem fracture will cause serious malfunctions in diesel engines. Therefore, in the maintenance process, sufficient attention should be paid to the selection and processing of accessories.

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