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Common Causes of Gear Pump Vibration in Generator Sets

Jun. 26, 2023

Today, we will introduce the common causes and elimination measures of vibration in the gear pump of the generator set. Firstly, it is difficult to manually turn the pump shaft: bending of the pump shaft, wear of the bearings, misalignment of the unit, and impeller collision with the pump casing. Elimination measures: Straighten the pump shaft, adjust or replace bearings, recalibrate the concentricity of the unit, and readjust the clearance.

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The gear pump shaft swing of the generator set is too large: the bearings and journals are worn or the clearance is too large. Elimination measures: Repair the journal, adjust or replace the bearings.

Hydraulic imbalance of the generator set: impeller imbalance, blockage or damage to individual blade grooves of the centrifugal pump. Elimination measures: Recalibrate the static and dynamic balance of the impeller, eliminate blockages, and repair or replace the impeller.

The power of the Axial-flow pump of the generator unit is too high: the water level of the water inlet pool is too low, the submergence depth of the impeller is not enough, debris wraps around the impeller, the pump cavitation damage is different, and the impeller is damaged. Elimination measures: Raise the water level of the inlet pool, lower the installation elevation of the water pump to eliminate debris, and set up trash fences, repair or replace the impeller.

Foundation vibration: poor foundation stiffness or loose or resonant bottom screws. Elimination measures: reinforce the foundation and tighten the foundation screws.

Finally, the efficiency of the centrifugal pump unit of the generator unit drops sharply or the efficiency of the Axial-flow pump unit drops slightly, accompanied by cavitation noise. Elimination measures: Change the speed of the water pump, avoid resonance areas, identify the cause of cavitation, and take measures to eliminate cavitation.

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