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Common Abnormal Phenomena Of Internal Combustion Engine Failure

Dec. 27, 2022

No matter how good the quality of the diesel generator set is in terms of design, manufacturing, assembly and other processes, after a certain working time, all its parts will inevitably have a normal wear, or due to improper use and maintenance, various discharge barriers will occur, resulting in engine power reduction, uneven speed, increased fuel consumption, exhaust smoke (black, blue, white), difficult starting and abnormal noise. If the engine has faults, they must be checked and eliminated in time. Provide sufficient objective materials and basis for analyzing causes and troubleshooting. Correct judgment of the fault phenomenon is the key to smooth troubleshooting of diesel engine of diesel generator set.


The failure of the diesel generator is symptomatic, which is what we usually call the failure phenomenon. The fault phenomena can be summarized as follows.


① Abnormal function: such as the unit is not easy to start, with a fixed load (i.e. deceleration or shutdown after load increase), abnormal speed and frequency, excessive fuel or oil consumption, high and low voltage or voltage disappearance, and severe vibration of the unit.


diesel generator

② Abnormal sound: such as abnormal cylinder knocking, blasting, whistling, exhaust, periodic friction, pin, valve foot, gear and unstable speed (traveling block).


③ Abnormal temperature: the normal working temperature of the internal combustion engine is about 85 ℃. The abnormal temperature mainly refers to the high oil temperature, the high cooling water temperature, the overheated bearing and the large temperature difference of each exhaust manifold.


④ Appearance abnormality: mainly refers to abnormal smoke exhaust (white smoke, blue smoke, black smoke), "three leakages" (oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage) and electric leakage (with flashing sparks).


⑤ Abnormal smell: such as odor, burning smell, smoke with diesel or incomplete engine oil burning in the exhaust, etc.


The above are several common abnormal phenomena of diesel generator set internal combustion engine failure, which are often connected with each other. Sometimes a fault may produce several fault phenomena, or a fault phenomenon may be caused by several faults at the same time. Therefore, if circumstances permit, various means should be used to clarify the fault phenomenon from all aspects as far as possible, so as to timely and accurately determine the cause of the fault.


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