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Clean the Scale on The Heat Dissipation Fins of Volvo Generator Sets

Sep. 13, 2023

Today we will introduce to you the cleaning of scale blockage in the cooling fins of Volvo generator sets. If you have any questions or are not familiar with this, please consult our Dingbo website. Next, we will briefly explain the relevant content.

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When studying chemistry, it is common to know that after using a kettle for a long time, a layer of difficult to remove gray objects will form on the bottom of the glass wall, which is called scale. The water contains calcium ions, and the teacher said that the main component of this thing is calcium carbonate, which is a stable salt object. The engine radiator also forms scale with calcium carbonate as the main body due to the circulation of cooling water. Scale is relatively insulated, just like our walls, Directly affecting the heat dissipation effect of the heat sink, it is generally difficult to clean it through ordinary brushing methods, and some chemical substances need to be added.

From a chemical reaction perspective, calcium carbonate is slightly soluble in water, so it cannot be dissolved in water. It should be completed using some acidic substances, such as hydrochloric acid, which has the best treatment effect.

This will turn calcium carbonate into calcium chloride, carbon dioxide, and water. Calcium chloride is soluble in water, so it can be easily solved by replacing the cooling water. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, can directly escape into the air, achieving the goal of cleaning.

Of course, hydrochloric acid is strongly acidic, and radiators are made of metal such as aluminum, which can corrode aluminum. Therefore, the concentration should be controlled well, and it is best to add something like baking soda to neutralize it after cleaning to avoid damage to the heat dissipation fins.

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