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Classification of Volvo Generator Governor

Feb. 14, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the classification of Volvo generator governor according to its working principle.

Mechanical centrifugal governor: The working principle of all mechanical governors is roughly the same. They all have flying hammer (or flying ball) driven by the crankshaft to rotate. When the speed changes, the centrifugal force of the flying hammer also changes. Then, the centrifugal force is used to adjust the oil supply of the engine through some rods, so that the oil supply can adapt to the load, so as to keep the engine speed stable. The mechanical centrifugal governor is the most widely used in medium and small power Volvo generators. There are two types of mechanical centrifugal governor: horizontal and vertical. The main components are blunt disc, flying iron, speed regulating spring, adjusting screw and transmission rod.

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When the speed is at the rated value, the centrifugal force of the flying iron is balanced with the tension of the speed governing spring. When the speed is higher than the rated value, the centrifugal force of the flying iron will increase beyond the tension of the spring, so that the flying iron will open and drive the pull rod to reduce the throttle, and the Volvo generator will automatically restore the rated speed. On the contrary, when the speed is lower than the rated value, the flying iron will close inward, driving the pull rod to increase the throttle, so as to speed up the Volvo generator. The mechanical centrifugal governor has simple structure and convenient maintenance, but its sensitivity and regulation characteristics are poor.

Pneumatic governor: the sensing element of the pneumatic governor uses the diaphragm and other pneumatic elements to sense the pressure change of the intake pipe, so as to adjust the speed of the Volvo generator.

Hydraulic governor: the hydraulic governor controls a pilot valve by using the centrifugal action of the flying iron, and then controls the flow direction of the pressure oil by the pilot valve, and drives the regulating mechanism to increase or decrease the throttle through the oil pressure to achieve the purpose of automatic speed regulation. The hydraulic governor has the advantages of large output torque, better speed regulation characteristics and sensitivity than the mechanical centrifugal governor, but its disadvantages are complex structure and high level of maintenance technology.

Electronic governor: electronic governor is a relatively advanced governor researched and applied in recent years. Its sensing elements and actuating mechanism mainly use electronic components, which can accept speed signals and power signals. Through the analysis and comparison of electronic circuits, the electronic governor outputs regulating signals to regulate the oil valve. The electronic governor has high speed regulation accuracy and sensitivity. The main disadvantage is that it requires working power supply and requires high reliability of electronic components.

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