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Check The Electrical and Mechanical Parts of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 29, 2023

The stator winding is point phase distributed, and the rotor is driven by the belt of Volvo diesel generator set engine. Three phase alternating current is induced in the stator winding of Volvo diesel generator set, which is converted into direct current output after being rectified by the semiconductor rectifier of Volvo diesel generator set, charging the battery and supplying power to the electrical equipment, and providing excitation current to the excitation winding of Volvo Diesel generator set. Use a DC Voltmeter to measure the output voltage of the star generator, and connect the "-" terminal of the Voltmeter to the "ten" terminal of the Volvo diesel generator housing for power generation) tl "armature" terminal. Before the engine of the Volvo diesel generator is started, the voltage indicated by the Voltmeter is the voltage of the battery.

volvo electric generator

After the Volvo diesel generator set starts, it runs at a medium speed. If the Voltmeter indicates that I rises to about 14 volts, it means that the Volvo diesel generator set operates normally. If the reading of the Voltmeter does not change, it means that the Volvo diesel generator set does not generate electricity, but further inspection is needed. It is the fault of the Volvo diesel generator set itself or the fault of the regulator. After the Volvo diesel generator set is inspected without disassembly, if the fault is found in the Volvo diesel generator set itself, it is a further in-depth inspection. Dismantle it and conduct electrical and mechanical inspection on all components of Volvo diesel generator set.

After the operation, a comprehensive inspection was carried out on the Volvo diesel generator set, and it was preliminarily determined that the oil burning failure of the Volvo diesel generator set was due to the engine's Ning gas. After replacing the sealing ring of the turbocharger with a new one due to wear, the phenomenon of oil burning was significantly reduced during the test run, but the black smoke was still severe. After replacing the air filter element of the turbocharger, the black smoke phenomenon disappeared and the oil burning phenomenon also disappeared. After the filter element is blocked, the air inlet resistance increases, and a large negative pressure is formed in the engine air inlet pipe, which makes the lubricating oil of the air booster of Volvo diesel generator set sucked into the cylinder through the damaged seal, leading to the oil burning fault of Volvo diesel generator set.

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