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Characteristics of In-line and V Type Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 30, 2019

Engine is the power unit of diesel generator set, and the performance of the engine can directly affect the performance of the genset. There are many types of engines and the structure is different because of the need to adapt to different powers. There are two types of engine cylinder arrangement for diesel power generator: in-line and V-type. The cylinder is a cylindrical empty chamber in the engine in which there is a piston driven by the pressure of the working fluid or the expansion force.

In-line Engine: In-line is a widely used cylinder arrangement. All of its cylinders are arranged side by side in a plane. Its cylinder and crankshaft are simple in structure and use a cylinder head. It has low manufacturing cost, high stability, low speed torque characteristics, low fuel consumption and compact size. The disadvantage is that the power is low. When the displacement and the number of cylinders increase, the length of the engine will increase greatly. At present, the number of cylinders of the mainstream in-line engine is 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders.

In-line engines are generally suitable for diesel generator sets of 20 kW to 600 kW.

V-type engine divides all the cylinders into two groups, and arranges the adjacent cylinders at a certain angle together, so that the two groups of cylinders form a plane with an angle, and the cylinder has a V-shaped engine from the side. Starlight Diesel Generator V-type engine has a small height and length and is stable in operation. It facilitates increased displacement and power by expanding the cylinder diameter and is suitable for higher number of cylinders. In addition, the V-type engine cylinders are arranged in the opposite direction, which can also offset part of the vibration and make the engine run smoother.

Yuchai V type diesel generator set

The disadvantage of the V-type engine is that two cylinder heads must be used, which is complicated in structure and high in cost. In addition, after the width is increased, the space on both sides of the engine is small, and it is difficult to arrange other devices.

At present, many Chinese diesel gensets use V-type 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder engines. For example, Yuchai 12VC and 16VC are both V-type engines. Suitable for heavy duty diesel generator sets from 1000kw to 2400kw. The power of the V-type diesel generator set is relatively large.

The following table shares the parameters of Yuchai 12VC power generation diesel engine.







Vertical, V-type, water-cooling, four-stroke

Air intake mode

Turbocharged & Intercooled

Cylinder-bore   x stroke

12-200 x 210 mm



Compression   ratio


Prime power





Standby   power





Minimum fuel consumption rate

≤196 g/kWh

Engine oil capacity (dry engine)


Engine’s fuel ratio


Start mode

Electric start

Fuel system

Electronic unit pump


≤106 dB (A)


GB 20891-2014 Stage III


3320 x 1644 x 2379 mm

Dry weight

8380 kg (without radiator)

Yuchai 12VC model characteristics:

1. High-strength material, reinforced grid structure with cambered surface , 4-bolt main bearing structure, are adopted for the engine body; thus the engine body is characterized by high stiffness, slight vibration, and lower noise.

2. The crankshaft is made of high-quality alloy steel by using all fiber extrusion forging process, and the journey and circular bead are subject to quencing heat treatment for improving wear resistance and prolonging service life.

3. Electronic unit pump, four-valve structure, high-efficient turbocharged intercooled, and Yuchai combustion technologies are adopted for realizing low fuel consumption, less emission, outstanding speed governing performance, and fast and high-quality loading.

4. The structure of one head for one cylinder is adopted; maintenance window is set at the side of the engine body, which ensures easy maintenance.

5. The world-class equipment and technologies are used for production; thus, the quality of such model is stable and reliable.

6. Requirements for Grade G3 generator set performance is satisfied.

Starlight has been engaged in the production of diesel generators for more than 40 years and has rich experience in generator manufacturing. It can provide in-line and V-type diesel generator sets for customers to choose. Brand diversity, including Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Deutz, Weichai, Yuchai, Shangchai, Ricardo, etc., ranging in power from 20kw to 2500kw.

Our gensets production time:

20 days for open type generating set

30 days for silent type generating set

Noise level:

Open gen set noise level is less than 110dB.

Silent gen set noise level is less than 75dB at 7 meters.


One year or up to 1,000 running hours, whichever is sooner. Quick-wear parts are not in the scope of warranty.

Accessory (Optional): ATS (automatic transfer switch), water jacket heater, daily fuel tank, fully automatic parallel cabinet, etc.

If you are interested in our generator, please feel free to send an inquiry to our mailbox: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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