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Causes of Load Damage in Cummins Diesel Generator Sets During Application

Nov. 20, 2023

We believe that most customers use Cummins diesel generator sets with almost all loads turned on and do not follow the relevant user manual for application. All normal applications are: when running the Cummins diesel generator set, it is necessary to check whether the load air leakage switch is disconnected. If the Cummins diesel generator set is not operating normally, the load air leakage switch must not be connected.

Cummins diesel generator

After application, the load should be cut off first and then the Cummins diesel generator set should be stopped. The sequence should be running normally - connecting to the load - disconnecting the load - operating at full load for a few minutes - shutting down - discharging the refrigerant.

If operating under load, many electrical equipment will cause a very large amount of operating current when applied with working voltage, which is the instantaneous operating current. In many Cummins diesel generator sets, four maintenance system software will be modified. If the operating current is very large, overcurrent protection will occur. Cummins diesel generator sets can be immediately shut down when maintenance is effective, Moreover, many machinery and equipment are damaged due to the inability to operate normally due to the transition of working voltage from low to high.

The heat discharge cycle in the Cummins diesel generator set with load shutdown automatically terminates the heat discharge. Long term working components lose cooling, which can easily lead to overheating of the cylinder head, cylinder liner, engine cylinder block, etc., causing cracks or piston rod swelling. In addition, the lubricating grease may experience poor lubrication and damage due to heat.

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