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Causes of Abnormal Flameout of Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 19, 2023

What are the early conditions for predicting the shutdown of diesel generator sets? Dingbo Power Generation Equipment tells you that when white smoke appears in the exhaust pipe of a diesel generator set, the speed is unstable, and black smoke appears in the exhaust pipe, indicating that there is a problem with the unit. Therefore, in the process of using JICHAI diesel generator sets, users should pay attention to observing the abnormal phenomena of the sets, promptly discovering faults, repairing the sets, and ensuring the normal operation of the sets.

Emergency diesel generator

So what is the reason for the abnormal shutdown of the diesel generator set? Mainly affected by the following factors:

1. When the starting switch has poor contact, the starting motor will rotate weakly, resulting in abnormal flameout.

2. When the bearing liner is worn, it can also cause the diesel generator set to fail to start normally and cause abnormal flameout.

3. When the switch contact is burnt out, the diesel generator set cannot operate normally and automatically shuts down.

4. When the battery level is low, the starting motor does not start, resulting in abnormal shutdown of the diesel generator set.

5. When a circuit fault occurs in the starting motor itself, it can also cause abnormal shutdown of the diesel generator set.

The manufacturer of power diesel generator sets reminds us that abnormal automatic fire extinguishing is a common mechanical failure of diesel generator sets. So what are the methods for handling abnormal fire extinguishing during the operation of diesel generator sets?

Then, the engine is driven by the starter. If the engine can rotate normally, observe whether the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is rotating. If the engine rotates normally, there is a problem with the fuel injection pump. The operation of the control mechanism should be checked. You can pull the throttle lever to check if the connection between the control arm and the control shaft is good. If the engine driven by the starter cannot operate, it is an internal fault of the engine. Under normal circumstances, the valve chamber cover should be opened for inspection. If the oil pressure is too low or the temperature is too high during operation, it needs to be repaired directly according to the specific situation.

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