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Cause Analysis Of Oil Leakage Of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 27, 2022

With the extension of the working time of Volvo diesel generator set, various faults may occur, and oil leakage is one of the common faults of Volvo diesel generator set. Oil leakage of Volvo diesel generator set will not only lead to increased oil consumption of the unit and waste of resources, but also worsen the sanitary conditions of the unit, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the unit and affects the stability of the generator operation. Once the diesel generator unit leaks oil, it must be handled to avoid unnecessary losses. What are the reasons for the oil leakage of Volvo diesel generator set? Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will analyze it for you.


1. The quality of purchased or self-made paper mats does not meet the requirements, such as insufficient thickness, improper storage, wrinkles and deformation, or careless cleaning during assembly and dirt and impurities, which are the reasons for oil leakage of Volvo diesel generator sets.


2. If the oil pressure of Volvo diesel generator set is too high, it will also cause oil leakage of static joint surface.


diesel generator set

3. The quality of the static joint surface itself is mainly determined by the precision of the processing equipment itself and the storage and transportation conditions. If the equipment has high accuracy, the flatness and roughness of the static joint surface can meet the design requirements of the drawings, and the collision prevention is paid attention to during the storage and transportation, it is not difficult to achieve complete sealing of the static joint surface. However, because the equipment accuracy and process level of some manufacturers are still low, and the storage and transportation conditions and management level cannot completely ensure that there are no bumps and scratches, oil leakage will occur.


4. Volvo diesel generator set has poor operation skills during maintenance. At present, diesel generator sets generally focus on self repair. Since the repair technology level is not up to standard, problems of one kind or another often occur during self repair, especially when the machine is disassembled and assembled without attention to methods and lack of special tools, causing deformation or even damage to parts. Oil leakage due to deformation of parts. At present, the general removal method is to use the main bearing pedestal cover to install bolts, screw them into the diagonal disassembly screw holes on the main bearing pedestal cover, and push out the main bearing pedestal cover.


The above is an analysis of the causes of oil leakage of Volvo diesel generator sets. The generator manufacturer reminds users that they must purchase diesel generator sets from professional manufacturers.


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