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Can Different Types Of Diesel Generator Set Oils Be Mixed

Oct. 11, 2022

The engine oil of the diesel generator set has the functions of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. Choosing the right engine oil can ensure that the diesel generator set can work in a good state. Many users may have questions about whether diesel generator oils of different brands and models can be mixed? In this chapter, the generator manufacturer will explain in detail the conditions under which the engine oil cannot be mixed and the conditions under which it can be mixed.


The generator manufacturer suggests that different types and brands, different generator sales agents, and new and used oil should be avoided as much as possible. The following oils must not be mixed:


1. Military special oil and special oil cannot be mixed with other oil products.


2. Oil products with demulsibility requirements shall not be mixed with oil products without demulsibility requirements.


3. The ammonia resistant turbine oil shall not be mixed with other turbine oils.


4. Anti wear hydraulic oil containing Zn shall not be mixed with anti silver hydraulic oil.


5. The gear oil cannot be mixed with the worm gear oil.


diesel generator set

The following situations can be mixed:


1. The products of the same agent with similar quality are basically similar.


2. The same agent has products of different brands.


3. For different types of oil products, if it is known that the two components of the blending do not contain additives.


4. Different types of oil products have no abnormal phenomenon and obvious performance change after mixed use test.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. kindly reminds that there are many kinds and quantities of additives added to internal combustion engine oil, and the performance is different. The mixing of oil products without understanding the performance must be careful to avoid lubricating accidents of diesel generator sets.


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