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Difference Between Brush Generator And Brushless Generator

Oct. 24, 2019

Speaking of diesel generator, it divides into brush generator and brushless generator, what is the difference between brush generator and brushless generator? Is it better to have a brush generator or a brushless generator? Starlight share some difference among them and tell you how to choose a diesel generator.

Firstly, brush generator is a electric rotating machinery which has brushgear inner that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy (motor), or converts mechanical energy to electrical energy(engine). Brush generator is the basis of all generators. It has the characteristics of fast start, timely braking, smooth speed regulation in a wide range, and relatively simple control circuit etc.

A brushless generator is made by motor body and driver, it runs in self-control mode, so it is not same as synchronous generator which heavy load start-up under frequency conversion speed regulation, that adds additional starting windings on the rotor, nor it will cause oscillation and out-of-step when the load suddenly changes.

Second, the difference between brush generator and brushless generator mainly in : Is there a common brush-commutator?

The commutation of brush generator is always realized by the contact between graphite brush and annular commutator installed on the rotor. While brushless generator feeds the rotor position back to the control circuit through Hall sensor, so that it can know the accurate time of generator phase commutation.

Brush generator is based on the direct contact of the carbon brush and commutator on rotor to make motor working. Its advantages is bigger power, stronger climbing ability, lower prime cost. Its shortcoming is replacing carbon brush generally from 1 to 2 years, because the direct contact between carbon brush and commutator, and high-speed relative motion.

Perkins diesel generator set

The main disadvantages of brush generators are as follows:

1.Great friction and loss;

Customers who use diesel generator set, they all met this problem: after generator is used a period of time, always need to open generator to clean up the carbon brush on the motor, so that wasted time and energy, the intensity of maintenance is no less than a household cleaning.

2.High fever, short life;

Due to the structural reasons of brush generator, the contact resistance between electric brush and commutator is very large, which results in the larger overall resistance and easy heating of the generator. While permanent magnet is a thermal element, If the temperature is too high, the magnet will be demagnetized, which will degrade the performance of the generator and affect the service life of the brush motor.

3.Low efficiency and low output power

The above mentioned heating problem of brush generator, it is largely due to the work done by current on the internal resistance of the generator, so the electric energy is converted into heat energy to a large extent, so the output power of

brush generator is not large, and the efficiency is not high.

Comparing with brush diesel generator, there are main advantages of brushless diesel generator:

1. No brush, low interference

There is not electric brush in brushless generator, the most direct change is that there is no spark generated by the brush motor in operation, which greatly reduces the interference of the spark to the remote control radio equipment.

2. Low noise and smooth operation

Brushless generator has no electric brush, friction is greatly reduced when running, running smoothly so that noise will be reduced a lot, this advantage is also a huge support for the stability of the model operation.

3. Long life service and low maintenance cost

Less brushes, abrasion of brushless generator is mainly on bearings, from the view of a mechanical point, brushless generator is almost a maintenance-free motor, when necessary, just need to do some dust removal maintenance. By contrast, we can know what is the advantages of brushless generator and brushless generator, but everything is not absolute. Brush generator has excellent low-speed torque performance and high torque characteristics, which are irreplaceable.

Cummins diesel generator

Finally, as for brushless diesel generator is good or brush diesel generator is good, there are many ideas, depending on your using requirement to choose. When you want to get a generator, you need to know firstly what and where the generator will be used to, it means the usage classification. Because about diesel generator set, there are many kinds in market, such as imported, domestic, high-end engines, low-end engines and mid-end engines, it determines the price of a generator, as well as the basic configuration of generators with the same end position, high-end configuration and so on. So the price can not be sure.

The usage of generating units can be classified into the following categories: real estate, breeding users, hospitals, schools, emergency power outages, factories, civil air defense projects, green spraying, cold storage, mining or road construction, field construction welding machines, etc. You can purchase the generator according to your requirement, and quickly select the generator set that are suitable for you to save time.

If use as standby power, a brushless generator is suggested, it can avoid carbon brush break too fast and cant change in time.

We will recommend reasonable generators according to the use of customers, as well as reasonable configuration; in this way, customers will not blindly have no choice when choosing generators.

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