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Briefly Describe The Role Of Water Jacket Heaters In Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 14, 2022

As the weather gets colder, in the high altitude and cold regions, it is difficult to start the diesel generator set due to the temperature in winter. The generator manufacturer recommends that the user install a water jacket heater and an oil heater so that the diesel generator set can start normally. So what is the function of the water jacket heater of the diesel generator set? In this article, the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will take you to find out.


We know that the diesel generator set is by injecting diesel oil into the cylinder, so that the mist diesel and the compressed air in the cylinder are mixed to form a high-temperature, high-pressure combustible mixture, which burns itself and does external work. When the ambient temperature is low, the temperature of the combustion chamber of the diesel generator set decreases, and the matching gap between the operating parts of the diesel engine changes, so that the starting resistance torque becomes larger.


diesel generator set

At the same time, because diesel oil contains a certain amount of wax, and when the wax precipitated from diesel oil starts to block the filter and thus affects the normal oil supply of the oil circuit, the temperature at this time is called the cold filter point of diesel oil. At this time, the viscosity of diesel oil increases, the fluidity becomes poor, and even wax precipitation causes the diesel oil to solidify and cannot flow, making it difficult to start. In addition, during the starting stage, the lubricating oil and cooling water may condense into a solid state, which will lose the effect of lubrication or cooling, thereby damaging the engine.


The diesel generator set water jacket heater keeps the engine at a certain temperature, prevents the diesel generator set from freezing and cracks in winter, and enables the diesel engine to start quickly and quickly in severe cold and low temperature conditions. The jacket heater keeps the water temperature of the unit's jacket within the set temperature range (approximately 35 °C). Since the lubricating oil is indirectly heated by heat transfer, the occurrence of condensation is avoided, so that the diesel generator set is in a hot standby state, so that the diesel generator set can be started in an emergency at any time regardless of the severe winter and twelfth lunar month, and can be loaded in the shortest time. At full load, the mechanical wear of the diesel generator set is reduced and the output power is stable.


The above is the role of water jacket heaters for diesel generator sets shared by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., I hope to help you.


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