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Application of Volvo Diesel Generator Secondary Pipe

Oct. 14, 2022

The diode used by Volvo diesel generator is as important as other components. Therefore, to ensure that the diode can reach high standards and can be used in harsh environments, attention should be paid to the structural characteristics of the diode, because the structural characteristics of the diode can directly affect the normal operation of Volvo diesel generator. The following is a brief introduction of the structural characteristics and application of the secondary tube of Volvo diesel generator.

Volvo generator

(1) Structural characteristics of secondary tube of Volvo diesel generator

The diode of diesel generator is composed of a PN junction, corresponding leads and pipe shell structure. According to different structures, it can be divided into point contact type and surface contact type. The point contact diode cannot pass large current due to its small contact resistance. It is commonly used for small current. Compared with the point contact diode, the PN junction of the surface contact diode can be made larger, so it can pass large current. However, because the PN junction capacitance is larger, it is often used for low-frequency power rectification.

(2) Application of diode in diesel generator

Diodes are widely used in diesel generators. Because the diode has a single conductivity, it can be used as a rectifier device to form various rectifier circuits. Rectification circuit can convert AC current and voltage into unidirectional current and voltage. In the excitation device of diesel generator, diode can be used to form bridge rectifier circuit.

The above contents are the structural characteristics and application of the secondary tube of Volvo diesel generator, which I hope will be helpful to users. However, in order to meet the growing demand in the competitive market, we must continue to carry out innovative research and development, streamline the structure, reduce energy consumption and improve the performance of diodes.

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