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Antifreeze Can Better Protect Diesel Generator Sets

Jun. 28, 2022

The antifreeze of diesel generators should have the characteristics of cold protection, anti-cooking, corrosion resistance, and moisture resistance as much as possible, and will not be limited by seasons and regions. Zero degree and melting point are the basic indicators of antifreeze. After the diesel generator heat-removing antifreeze has been used for a period of time, the additives in the internal structure will continue to be consumed, precipitated, and the corrosion resistance will continue to decrease, which may easily lead to pit erosion. The storage life of ethylene glycol is relatively limited. After two or three years, it will decay into corrosive acid, and the inclusion of vapor or other residues in the antifreeze will also aggravate the corrosion.


Many diesel engines require the use of high-efficiency antifreeze in all seasons, and the requirements for replacement of such antifreeze are shown in the table. Everyone needs to master the replacement cycle of diesel engine exhaust heat antifreeze. Hard water contains a lot of alkaline substances, which will become dirt after being separated by heating, and adhere to the surface of the metal material in the internal structure of the water tank. If it cannot be removed on time, the solid dirt will seriously damage the heat removal. The function of the system leads to the pot, and even the lack of water, and even the sticking of the cylinder and the burning of the tiles.


We must clean the dirt from the reservoir before we replace the coolant. It is better to choose a multi-effect scale cleaning and paint remover for the water tank cleaning agent. At this stage, there are two kinds of antifreeze on the market. One is the initial antifreeze, which has no other function except scale cleaning. The other is a very good, very cost-effective multi-purpose antifreeze. In addition to the function of cleaning dirt and rust, it can also lubricate and maintain the refrigeration system. Because in the process of the antifreeze circulation system in the refrigeration system, this lubricating protective film will adhere to the metal surface, resulting in a protective film that completely protects water and external chemicals.


diesel engine

In order to avoid fouling in the refrigeration system and re-erosion of the metal material components in the refrigeration system, in addition to the function of cleaning dirt and rust, it can also lubricate and maintain the refrigeration system. Because this lubricating and protective film will adhere to the metal surface, a protective film will be generated, which will completely protect the water and external chemical substances, thereby avoiding the fouling in the refrigeration system and the corrosion of the metal material components. After cleaning the storage tank, adding antifreeze is actually more effective.


Under normal circumstances, the antifreeze should be replaced every 2 years. Since the various index values of the antifreeze after 2 years cannot exceed the previous maintenance regulations, it should be replaced immediately. The use and maintenance of the diesel generator refrigerant improves the stability and service life of the diesel engine. Since the refrigeration system is a key component of the diesel generator, ignoring it will not only harm the driving force and fuel rationality of the diesel generator , and will continue to reduce the operating time of the engine.


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