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Analyze The Noise of Cummins Generator Set When It Is Running

Oct. 19, 2021

When the Cummins generator set is running, it also makes a loud noise. The sound that occurs during the normal operation of the Cummins generator set is continuous and uniform. This sound mainly comes from the intake and exhaust of the Cummins generator set, the combustion process of diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber, and the mechanical friction sound of the gears of the Cummins generator set.


If the internal parts of the Cummins generator set have too large abrasion gaps, the parts are loose, broken, stuck, incorrectly adjusted or the working process deteriorates, the Cummins generator set will make abnormal noises during operation.


The abnormal sounds from Cummins generator sets are many and varied, and the sounds reflected by different types of faults on the same Cummins generator set are similar, but the sounds reflected by the same type of faults on different Cummins generator sets are different. Different. When the Cummins generator set is working, the normal sound and the abnormal sound are mixed together, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish. However, different sounds generally have different rules. As long as the operator of Cummins generator set is familiar with the normal running sound of the unit, and can carefully distinguish the different sounds, then according to the working principle and structure of the Cummins generator set, they can quickly , Diagnose the cause of the fault correctly and eliminate the fault in time.

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When checking different noises, take a thin steel bar or a long screwdriver (about half a meter) and grind and sharpen one end of the steel bar. When the Cummins generator set makes abnormal noises, you can put the pointed end of the steel bar or screwdriver on the surface of the inspected part of the Cummins generator set, and make the other end into a spherical shape, and then stick it to the ear. The abnormal sound will be transmitted into the ear through a steel bar or a screwdriver, and it can be judged by the level of the pitch.

During long-term operation, the Cummins generator set will emit a lot of abnormal noises, such as mechanical knocking sound, abnormal sound of the combustion process, knocking sound of timing gears, and the sound of the junction between the Cummins generator set and its generator, etc. Different sounds will produce different failure phenomena, and different failure phenomena have different causes.

When the Cummins generator set is running and stopped, there is an abnormal noise in the middle of the Cummins generator set between the generator and the diesel engine. The causes and troubleshooting methods are as follows:

Cause of issue:

The internal interface rubber ring of the Cummins generator set and its generator is worn out, causing metal impact sound when starting and stopping.

Troubleshooting method:

1. In the Cummins generator set cover, use iron rods or wooden rods to form a cross, hang a hoisting device on the cross, and hang the generator hoisting ring with a hook under the hoisting device.

2. Use a tool to remove the interface screws between the Cummins generator set and its generator, slowly hoist the generator, push it back, and remove the lower bracket of the generator. It is found that there is not much apron inside the diesel engine. After replacing the rubber ring, lower the hoisting device to the position where the flywheel hole and the rubber ring are balanced and aligned, slowly push the generator to make it tightly in contact, and then tighten the interface screws.

3. When starting and stopping the diesel engine of Cummins generator set, the metal impact sound disappears and the fault is eliminated.

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