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Analysis Volvo Diesel Generator Sets Weak Load Failure

Oct. 11, 2021

Volvo diesel generator sets are unstable at low speeds, black smoke from exhaust pipes, and abnormal noise at high speeds are the main characteristics of Volvo diesel generator sets that are insufficient in power. The main reason for the insufficient power of Volvo diesel generator sets is the failure of the fuel supply system and insufficient cylinder compression when the maintenance cycle is not reached.

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Check the no-load first. If you increase the throttle, the maximum speed can be reached at no-load, and the fault is on the working machine. If idling, the diesel engine malfunctions. Check the temperature at the root of the exhaust manifold. If the cylinder temperature is low, the cylinder will not work or work poorly. Fingers can be used for low-speed touch inspection instead of high-speed touch inspection to prevent finger burns. At this time, the root of the exhaust manifold came to spit saliva, the saliva did not make a "huh" sound, and then the oil cylinder was malfunctioning.

Hold the high-pressure oil pipe of Volvo diesel generator set with your fingers. If the pulse is strong and the temperature is higher than other oil cylinders, it indicates that the oil pump is good, the nozzle is seized in the fully closed position or the pressure of the nozzle regulator spring is too high; the oil pipe pulsation is weak, and the temperature is different from other oil cylinders. Consistent, indicating that the nozzle is seized or the pressure regulating spring is broken in the fully open position. If the high-pressure oil pipe does not pulsate at high speed, the temperature is higher than that of other cylinders, indicating that the high-pressure oil pump is malfunctioning. If the exhaust pipe is at low speed, it indicates that the high-pressure oil pump valve spring is broken or the gasket is invalid. If there are no abnormal symptoms in the fuel system, the fault is bad cylinder compression.

In the operation of Volvo diesel generator set, if the gas passage below the fuel filler port increases and the surrounding oil smells strong, the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large and the seal is not good. When the flywheel is driven by the improved cone wheel for two weeks, if the hand resistance and the increase in the number of cylinders are not equal to the number of cylinders, the compression of the cylinder can be judged according to the hand feeling. If the cylinder and cylinder head are leaking, the environmental soot concentration, smoke, and the smell of burning food can be said to be cylinder gasket leaks. If there is a metal knocking sound at the cylinder housing, and it is related to the speed and regularity, it means that the gap between the rocker arm and the valve is too large. If there is a leak in the cylinder head, the temperature at the root of the intake manifold is higher at low speed, and there is a leak at the intake pipe when it is stopped, which means that the intake valve is leaking; if the exhaust pipe is black smoke at high speed, the exhaust pipe at night Fire, it means that the exhaust valve is leaking.

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