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Analysis Of The Reasons Why Diesel Generator Sets Are Difficult To Start

Mar. 30, 2023

Whether diesel generators can be started normally and smoothly is an important prerequisite for users to quickly restore power supply in a blackout environment. Generally speaking, under the overall normal condition of the unit, the failure of the starter or battery will make it difficult or even impossible to start the diesel generator set. When encountering this phenomenon, the user should first understand the usage of the starting battery and the battery in order to roughly determine the accident location. The specific analysis is as follows:


1. "When starting, only the starter electromagnetic switch" gurgling "sound is heard, or when the starter drives the crankshaft to rotate slowly for a few times during the first startup, and then the starter electromagnetic switch" gurgling "sound occurs, but the spindle does not rotate. This phenomenon generally belongs to battery" broken "damage".


2. Temporary shutdowns can be started every time, but they take a long time to shut down or only allow the crankshaft to rotate the next day. This condition belongs to severe self-discharge of the battery, with its electrode plate and separator severely aging, indicating that the battery is nearing retirement.


3. During startup, the starter suddenly turns weakly, accompanied by a burning rubber smell or smoke from the battery. This is mostly due to poor contact between the pole pile and the pole pile clamp, resulting in heat and burning loss.


diesel generator set

4. If the starter drive gear collides with the flywheel gear ring of the diesel generator during startup, there are two reasons for the idle sound: first, the meshing entry surface of the flywheel gear ring is deformed. The second reason is that the gap between the starter drive gear and the flywheel ring gear is too large. If the two cannot mesh, the diesel generator cannot be started.


5. As soon as the main power switch is turned on, the starter drive gear meshes with the flywheel ring gear and rotates. One reason for this failure is that the holding coil of the starter electromagnetic switch is wrongly connected to the power supply terminal. The second is that the three wires on the key switch are connected incorrectly. The determination method is: when the key is in the "0" position, the starter drive gear does not rotate, and when the key is in the "2" position, the starter drive gear meshes with the flywheel gear ring and rotates together.


6. The diesel generator cannot be started when the start switch is turned to the start position, nor is there any other situation. One such fault is that the key or switch is damaged and the starting circuit is not connected. The second is that the starter relay is not connected to the starter electromagnetic switch circuit. The third is that the power switch is not connected to the circuit.


7. During startup, there was only a slight "click" sound, and there was no further response. This was caused by a jamming of the startup relay. At this time, just press the tail of the electromagnet to force the electromagnet to move forward, and the starting circuit can be connected to start the diesel generator.


The above is the fault analysis and troubleshooting method for diesel generator sets that Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. analyzed for you when it is difficult to start. If the battery has been in use for more than one year, it is important to focus on testing its technical condition. If the battery has been in use for a short time and the starter has not been tested for a long time, it should be started from the starter.


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