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An Important Part Of Generator Manufacturing

Jun. 06, 2022

Most generator manufacturers test generators as part of the manufacturing process. Transportation, installation and installation design (including paralleling of emergency generators) can create unplanned mechanical problems. A load test of the generator is recommended to ensure that the generator can still supply power in the event of a mains power outage.


Test the control system of the engine, alternator and generator.


Load bank testers can be used in place of device loads. This unit provides the electrical load to the generator. Load groups can be defined as devices that represent generator loads. Resistive and reactive are the two load bank test systems available.


Resistive Load Bank Test:

Resistive load bank testers are the most common type of the two load bank testers. The load of a resistive load bank is created by converting electrical energy into heat using high power resistors (usually configured using gate resistors). Resistive loads simulate loads such as: Lighting equipment, such as incandescent light bulbs. Heating elements such as space heaters or hot plates.

emergency generator


A load bank tester connected directly to the generator output. The operator increases the resistive load by energizing the load step switch until the prime mover reaches maximum capacity. Examples of tested generator systems are as follows:


Enclosure shutters: Open when enclosure temperature reaches rated temperature.


Engine fuel system: Ensure that the engine fuel system works normally when fully loaded.


Engine Cooling System: Coolant temperature can be monitored under actual generator load.


Engine air intake system: Make sure that the air intake system (including the shutters) can supply air normally.


Reactive load group test:

The rated power factor of the generator adopts a reactive load group tester. The efficiency with which the load (current) is converted into useful work output is the power factor. It is a good indicator of the effect of load (current) on generator efficiency.


Commonly used tester constructs are:

Resistors: Resistors are connected in groups. Each group is energized to simulate the linear load of the generator.


Inductance: The main component of this tester is an iron core reactive element. When used with a resistive load tester, a lagging power factor load (current out of phase with voltage) is created. For lighting, heating, motors, transformers and other loads.


Capacitance: The main component of this tester is the capacitor bank. The principle of operation is similar to an induction system. The dielectric material in the capacitor changes the power factor to a leading power factor. The unit provides load simulation of typical electronic or non-linear loads telecommunication, computer or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).


Electronic Load Bank: Fully programmable, air or water cooled design. These testers are used to simulate solid state loads and provide constant power for precision testing.


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