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Advantages Of High Pressure Diesel Generator Set In Communication Industry

Dec. 21, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: The application of high-pressure diesel generator sets in the communication industry has the following advantages:


(1) Improvement of generator set utilization.

In the large data center park, there are many single data machine buildings, and the overall power consumption is large. After the 10kV high-voltage generator set is adopted, the power center can be uniformly set (including 10kV high-voltage generator set, generator set parallel system, 10kV high-voltage generator set and 10kV municipal power switching and output distribution system). Compared with the traditional 400V low-voltage generator units, the generator units are idle when the market power is normal, and the utilization rate is extremely low. It is a waste of space occupation and investment in the machine building.


(2) The matching of power consumption capacity and machine room density.

Due to the uncertainty of IT equipment load in the data center and the large load density span, it is difficult to match the power supply equipment installation area in the data center with the IT machine room area due to the limited installed capacity of the traditional 400V low-voltage generator set. For low density equipment, it is easy to see that the IT machine room area is full and the power supply machine room space and power supply capacity are surplus. For high-density equipment, it is easy to find that the space of power supply room and power supply capacity are full while the space of IT room is more empty.


(3) Suitable for long-distance power supply.

Due to the low voltage of traditional 400V low-voltage generator set, the current on the power supply line is relatively large under the same generator set capacity, so it is generally impossible to set the generator set far away from the power supply load. In this way, the loss is relatively large, which makes the generator set layout must be decentralized, increases the cost of civil engineering and noise reduction, and makes it difficult for the generator set to share. 1/25 of the 10kV high-voltage generator set is adopted, which means that the loss will be reduced to 1/25 at the same power supply distance


diesel generator set

(4) Large capacity parallel system.

The parallel operation of traditional 400V low-voltage generator sets is limited by the capacity of public busbar and circuit breaker (generally, the maximum current can only reach about 6000A), so there is not much parallel operation of generator sets. For example, after the number of parallel units of 200kW oil turbines cannot exceed 3, the number of parallel units of 2000kW oil turbines can be greatly increased by using 10kV generator units, and there is no problem for more than 10 or even more than 20 units.


(5) The machine room is diversified.

Tailor the "low-cost and differentiated" computer room to meet the market front-end demand. The power supply guarantee level and proportion can be flexibly negotiated with customers. For low-end users, the generator set is not used for backup power supply, but only the municipal power supply. For high-end users, backup generator sets are used to guarantee power supply after the mains power is cut off, which also indirectly creates conditions for the reuse of 10kV high-voltage generator sets.


(6) Flexible load switching.

The traditional 400V low-voltage generator unit has small parallel capacity and weak load impact resistance. The parallel capacity is greatly improved after the 10kV high-voltage generator unit is used to focus on the power center. The switching between the generator set and the mains power is completed at the 10kV end, which has less impact on the 400V load, and the load coupling is more flexible. This is also conducive to the selection of 10kV equipment in large data centers. For example, the application of 10kV air conditioning water chiller has a small starting current compared with 400V low-voltage units and a small impact on the power grid. It can reduce cable points, reduce line voltage drop and loss, and reduce cable investment, which is both energy saving and environmental protection.


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