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Adjustment Method Of Fuel Supply Advance Angle Of Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 17, 2022

The diesel generator set is popular in the cold and hot seasons, bringing convenience to life and work. The diesel generator is not very cheap. It needs to be used well. If the diesel generator is used for a long time, it needs to check the fuel supply advance angle. As the diesel engine is affected by impact and load during use, the fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure and ignition timing shall be checked and adjusted timely to ensure that the engine is in good condition, which can save fuel and service life.


The fuel supply advance angle of the diesel engine is the best advance angle to ensure that the fuel can be fully combusted after entering the cylinder. Different models have different advance angles, and the injection advance angle is incorrect, which makes the diesel engine fuel burn incompletely and will cause the diesel engine to emit black smoke.


The diesel generator technicians summarized that the way to improve the fuel consumption rate is to adjust the fuel supply system of the unit. That is to say, the fuel supply advance angle shall be corrected when the diesel generator set operates normally for 400 hours or the fuel injection pump governor assembly is corrected and reassembled. The adjustment method of fuel supply advance angle is as follows:


diesel engine

Remove the high-pressure oil pipe of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump governor assembly, and lock the handle on the governor at the fuel supply position of the diesel generator set.


Turn the flywheel according to the running direction of the diesel generator, observe the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump cylinder during the rotation, and stop rotating the crankshaft when the oil level of the cylinder just fluctuates.


If the fuel supply degree on the flywheel corresponding to the pointer on the flywheel housing is not consistent with the fuel supply angle specified for this model of diesel engine, loosen the two locking screws on the fuel injection pump combination plate, then turn the crankshaft to align the pointer with the angle within the specified range, and then tighten the two fixing screws.


In case of black smoke from the exhaust pipe, first check whether the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump is correct. Method: Check whether the two locking screws of the drive connecting plate of the fuel injection pump are loose, not in the middle of the notch, and the position of the locking screws. If the locking screw is not in the middle of the slot and is loose, adjust the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump. If the locking screw of the transmission connecting plate is fixed in the middle position and the screw is not loose, the next inspection shall be carried out.


Regularly check and adjust the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump. In order to ensure that the diesel fuel injected by the fuel injection nozzle into the cylinder can be mixed evenly and burned completely, it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the fuel injection advance angle of the fuel injection pump. If the fuel supply time is too early, it will make the diesel engine difficult to start, resulting in cylinder knock, increased vibration and other failures. If the fuel supply time is too late, the exhaust pipe will emit black smoke, the machine temperature is too high, and the fuel consumption will rise. The service life of the fuel injection nozzle will be reduced if the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump of the diesel generator set is too early or too late.


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