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Abnormal Phenomenon of Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 20, 2023

With the expansion of the application scope of Perkins diesel generating set, more and more customers began to use diesel generator set, and due to the improper operation of some of these users, many unit failures that had a low probability of occurrence began to occur frequently. Recently, Starlight received several helplines from customers. Through careful understanding of Starlight, it was found that the bearing bush of the diesel generator set had an overload fault. Next, Starlight introduced the handling methods of the bearing bush overload fault of the unit and the abnormal phenomenon of the Perkins diesel genset.

Perkins diesel generator

Before you repair the bearing bush, the first thing you need to do is to carry out a careful maintenance process. Generally speaking, the overload of motor bearing bush is mainly due to temperature rise. When overloading occurs, the oil film inside the machine will be destroyed, and the shaft and the metal on the bearing surface will have close contact and high temperature. The fault handling at this time mainly follows the following steps:

1. Carefully replace the motor bearing bush.

2. After the position of the bearing bush is adjusted, the position of the unit coupling needs to be aligned and adjusted. The adjustment standard is that the end face and the outer circle runout must be controlled within 0.05 mm.

3. Thoroughly clean the motor bearing bush to ensure that there is no residue inside.

For the operators of Perkins diesel genset, especially those without too much experience, when using Perkins diesel generator set, they must strictly follow the operating procedures and standards, otherwise they are prone to failure. In case of failure, inexperienced customers should not repair by themselves, but should consult Starlight in time to avoid aggravating the unit failure.

During the operation of Perkins diesel generator set, if there are some faults, some of them will show signs. The operator can judge whether the diesel generator set is abnormal by observing these signs.

1. The sound is abnormal during operation, and the Perkins diesel generator set makes abnormal knocking sound, blasting sound, whistling sound, exhaust sound, periodic friction sound, etc.

2. The operation is abnormal. The Perkins diesel engine is difficult to start, vibrates violently when working, cannot drag the load, and the speed is unstable.

3. The appearance is abnormal. The exhaust pipe of the Perkins diesel generator set emits white smoke, black smoke and blue smoke, and the systems have oil, water and gas leaks.

4. Abnormal temperature, high oil temperature or cooling water temperature, bearing overheating, etc.

5. Abnormal smell When the Perkins diesel generator is running, it emits odor, burning smell, smoke smell, etc.

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