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Why Diesel Generator Can Be Used As Backup Power Source

Jan. 29, 2019

According to the experience of various countries in the world on diesel generator sets, the emergence of such market demand peaks is inevitable. This is not only a question of regulating the power supply capacity, but also a possible reason for the safety of the power grid, such as the United States, which appeared in the past few years. Canada's massive blackouts and last year's European blackouts, India's biggest blackout this year, left its 600 million people without electricity. The main reason is not that the power supply is insufficient, but that the power grid cannot bear too much load over the years, causing the power grid to be paralyzed. And after the power outages in the United States and Europe, both stimulated the market to form peak demand for backup generators. This may be a modern version of the diesel generator's alternative power supply.

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The reasons why diesel generators can be used as backup power are:

1. The diesel generator set is started as a backup power

The start-up speed of the diesel generator is rapid, generally only takes a few seconds, with full load within 1min of emergency download, and full load within about 5-10min of normal working state, and the steam power unit is generally required from start to full load. 3-4h.


2. Short start-up time


Diesel engine shutdown process is also very short, can frequently start and stop.

So diesel generator sets are very suitable for use as emergency or backup power, and many real estate, schools, hospitals, hotels and hotels are very suitable for using diesel generators as backup power sources.


Nowadays, the application field of the generator is becoming more and more extensive, and its performance is also improved. We all know that the fuel injection nozzle is one of the main equipment of the diesel generator and, after a period of time, there is sometimes a burn-in failure. The following is a brief analysis of the reason why the fuel injection nozzle of the diesel generator is burned.


1. Long idle operation


When the diesel engine runs at idle speed for a long time, because of the low temperature in the cylinder and the insufficient combustion of fuel, it is easy to form carbon deposit on the combustion chamber and the fuel injection nozzle, which makes the working conditions of the fuel injection nozzle deteriorate. Especially in the cold winter climate conditions are more serious. Because of the carbon deposition in the combustion chamber, the heat dissipation is slow, which may cause the nozzle to block or drop oil.


2. Fuel injection time is too late

If the fuel injection advance angle is too small, the fuel injection time will be too late and the fuel combustion situation will worsen. If the fuel is not adjusted for a long time, the local high temperature will make the fuel injection nozzle and heat insulation sheath burn and melt.


3. Fuel is not clean


Small particles of impurity in the fuel will wear the needle valve and needle valve body at the fuel injection nozzle, and the severe needle valve will be stuck in the needle valve body. Needle valve lag, fuel can not be fixed, quantitative, rapid injection into the combustion chamber, there will be oil dripping or oil ejection phenomenon. The fuel atomization is not good, the burning speed is decreased, and the combustion time at the fuel injection nozzle is prolonged, which leads to the fuel injection nozzle and the heat insulation sheath burning and melting.


4. Improper assembly


If the nozzle insulation sheath is not cleaned and installed, the nozzle head and the insulation sheath have a gap, so that the gas into the gap, resulting in reduced heat insulation and heat dissipation, fuel injector and heat insulation sheath burning melt. If the heat insulation sheath is installed too tight, the injector will produce additional stress. Under the joint action of thermal alternating load and fuel injection high pressure load, the nozzle head will break and the needle valve will get stuck and dripping oil.


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