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Reason Why Diesel Generator Can Not Automatically Stop

Feb. 18, 2019

What if the diesel generator set is unable to stop automatically during operation? Let's do a simple analysis.

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First, the multimeter can be used to measure the operating voltage of the diesel engine shutdown relay, compared with the normal voltage. If the relay is still not working, then the relay needs to be replaced. Then no load test machine, normal operation of the unit


In addition, the multimeter can also be used to measure the operating voltage of the solenoid valve for diesel engine shutdown. After comparing the normal voltage and resistance, the solenoid valve can be judged to be too dirty, resulting in the diesel engine being unable to turn off the fuel oil in time when the solenoid valve stops automatically. Part of the fuel flow into the injector allows the engine to run at idle speed. At this time must disconnect DC positive power line, remove the solenoid valve cleaning, and adjust the tension of the sheet, and then no load test machine, the unit operation is normal.


What is the reason why the diesel generator can't stop?


1. The solenoid valve of generator stop out of control

2. The governor of the diesel generator set presents a fault

3. Operation error, may be the control screen first break the key switch, and then press the stop button

4. Engine control exterior fault


Originally, if the ATS start signal cut off, and the generator is still running, then it may also be a normal condition, can let the diesel generator into the cooling operation after the shutdown; If the solenoid valve is out of control due to generator shutdown, it can be solved by checking whether the wiring is accurate and replacing the solenoid valve if necessary.


If the governor of the diesel engine is broken down, a professional repairman is required to deal with it.


If the control screen first breaks the key switch and then presses the stop button when stopping, it is necessary to press the stop button first and then turn off the key switch because of the wrong operation.


Why can't diesel generator set stop with load


The speed of the diesel engine is not affected greatly when the generator is shut down, and the flywheel power drops linearly the output voltage and frequency of the generator. The power goes down as well, and it's possible that because of the self-retaining effect of the magnetic circuit of the windings, there's an impulse current that's not going to be very harmful, depending on the specific situation.


The diesel prime mover is most affected by the load stop. It is well known that diesel engines are usually cooled and dissipated by water circulation, and the power of cooling water circulating along the pipeline comes from the pumps brought in by the diesel engines. Now the usual way to drive a pump is to drive the camshaft of a diesel engine through a belt, so that when the engine stops running, the pump will not work. The water cycle is forced to stop. What is the consequence of this? The consequences are sometimes serious. Imagine that a high-temperature and high-heat diesel engine suddenly fails to dissipate heat effectively. Damage to hardware is inevitable. In other words, the load torque is larger than the original wheel moment.


Most of the controller now, if you give it a stop command, it is also the first to break off the load and then stop it. There is no claim to stop the stop, but the issue of heat dissipation is still present.


The practice of general downtime is to dump the load first, then no load run for dozens of seconds (long point is two or three minutes) then downtime, this is called cooling machine time


In addition, although the brake stop does not exist, but there is a load process, the load process is not a good thing. Half-load is good to say, if fully loaded, it will increase the short-time instability of the machine, and the machine's heat will also increase. I'm going to stop at once again. You can only pray for a diesel engine. Don't be all right.



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