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Operation of Yuchai diesel engine (step 3 )

Oct. 15, 2019

Starting Yuchai diesel engine

The engine can’t start unless the preparations have been completed and confirmed to comply with requirements.

① Procedures of starting the diesel engine, Switch on the start switch or press the button of start, after the engine starts, switch it off.

② Check following items after start:

Check the oil pressure, it should not be lower than 0.1MPa;

Check whether the water pump operates properly and whether the coolant runs into water jacket of the diesel engine;

Check the leakage of oil, fuel, and oil. and if there is leakage, shoot the trouble;

Check if there are abnormal noises.


Do not crank the engine for more than 10 seconds at one time. And if the engine fails to run after the cranking, the cranking should not be repeated within one minute. If the engine fails after cranking for three times successively, troubleshoot and crank again.

Switch off start switch immediately after starting the engine. If not, the diesel engine will drive the starter rotating at a very high speed by the flywheel gear and the starter will burn.

After the start, engine should not speed up abruptly.

When the engine must be cold started and it has no oil and water temperature stabilizers, the engine should not run at a high speed immediately. In this case, the engine should keep idling for 5 minutes with no load.

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