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Operation of Yuchai diesel engine (step 5/6 )

Oct. 15, 2019

Step 5. Stopping the diesel engine

1. Keeps the engine idling for 3-5 minutes before stopping it, especially when the engine runs with heavy load and high speed. Do not stop the engine sharply unless there is an emergency.

2. When the ambient temperature is below 5and the coolant is not anti-freezing, discharge all of the coolant water after stopping the engine to avoid engine damage by frost crack.

3. Generally, discharge all of the coolant water when the engine will be parked for a long time.

4. Shoot troubles that occurred when engine was running after engines stops, always check the engine and make sure that the engine runs in proper technical state.

5. Maintenance must be available as required after diesel engine stops.

Step 6. Storage

1. Diesel engine should be stored in warehouse, which is dry, with ventilation, and without corrosive matter.

2. If diesel engine will be stored for a long time, discharge all of the coolant, diesel engine must be well cleaned with necessary oil and then sealing, in case of rusting.

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