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Operation of Yuchai diesel engine (step 4 )

Aug. 03, 2017

Operating Yuchai diesel engine

① Requirements of using engine

When the diesel engine is cold started, it should keep idling for 5 minutes with no load.Even if its warm started, the engine must run after the oil pressure is established.

When the diesel engine is cold started, it should not run with the throttle completely open and should not run with full load and at high speed. It should steadily speed up and run after water temperature rises above 60.

New engine or an engine after overhaul needs 50 hour break-in period, after this break-in period. Engine can operate as normal.

② Please check the following items carefully when engine is running.

Check if the lubricating oil pressure is normal.The pressure should be lower than 0.1MPa when the engine is idling and should be within 0.25MPa and 0.6 MPa when the engine is running at high speed.

Check if the coolant temperature is normal.The temperature should be controlled within 75 and 90. Always observe abnormal noises when the engine is running, if there are abnormal noises, stop the engine and troubleshoot it.

Pay attention to the sealing of every water passage and the fuel pipe, If there is leakage, remedy it immediately.

③ Attention


Do not keep the engine idling for more than 5 minutes, not more than 10 minutes at its minimum.

Do not run the engine if it malfunctions.

The exhaust manifold temperature is very high when the diesel engine is operating. Do not touch the exhaust manifold lest skin be scalded. Do not place inflammables or explosives near the exhaust manifold in case of accident.

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