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Instructions to Maintain and Repair Internal Combustion Engine of Genset

Nov. 02, 2018

Inspection content of internal combustion engine in diesel generator set

In the daily inspection of diesel generator sets, it is difficult for non-professionals to find some small traces, which usually causes the unit to malfunction and cannot be used. It is often found that when the unit needs to be started in an emergency, the equipment cannot be operated, and the unit is judged from the repair and maintenance personnel to determine the fault, determine the maintenance plan, and then start to purchase the parts and repairs to the end, at least 10 days or half a month, resulting in losses. It is irreparable. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of repairing diesel generator sets on a regular basis. This article is mainly for the introduction of repairs in its internal combustion engine.

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The diesel generator set internal combustion engine repair is a planned repair near the overhaul room, mainly to balance the different service life between the various parts to ensure or extend the interval between overhauls. The scope of work is between minor repairs and overhauls. In general, it is to replace or repair 1-2 main assemblies, check the technical status of the remaining assemblies, and eliminate the faults, and make necessary adjustments and adjustments.


The basic contents are: changing the filter element of the oil and fuel filter; adjusting the fuel injection quality of the fuel injection pump (high pressure oil pump) and the injector (mouth), grinding out the oil valve assembly; repairing the piston connecting rod set and the governor , pump and oil pump, etc.; replace the piston, connecting rod copper sleeve, bearing bush, valve, valve spring and lock piece; etc.; correct the engine compression ratio.


Basic content and judgment conditions of diesel generator set internal combustion engine overhaul


Diesel generator engine overhaul is a restorative repair. The main purpose of this paper is to restore the dynamic performance, economic performance and fastening performance of the diesel engine, to ensure the complete condition of the diesel engine, and to extend its service life.


Its basic content is, repair or replace crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, valve seat and valve duct. Repair of eccentric bearings; replacement of plunger pairs, oil delivery valve pairs and needle valve pair. Repair welding oil pipe and joints; repair water pump, governor, remove water scale scale; inspect, repair, adjust lines, instruments, charging generators and starter motors in the power supply system; install, inspect, test, adjust each system, and load test.


The timing of diesel engine overhaul should generally be determined according to the specific working hours and technical conditions. The working hours of the same type of internal combustion engine are different. For example, the first overhaul period of 4135 diesel engine is 6000 hours. This time is not inflexible, for example, due to improper maintenance or poor working conditions of the internal combustion engine (dusty, often overloaded, etc.). it may not be used until the working hours are reached. Therefore, in determining the internal combustion engine overhaul, in addition to working hours, but also according to the following overhaul criteria.


1. Internal combustion engine work powerless (after the load decreased speed, sound mutation), exhaust smoke.

2. Internal combustion engine is difficult to start at room temperature. Crank bearing, connecting rod bearing and piston pin are percussive after heating.

3. At normal temperature, the cylinder pressure of the internal combustion engine is less than 70% of the standard pressure.

4. Internal combustion engine fuel and oil consumption increased significantly.

5. Misroundness and conical degree of cylinder, clearance between piston and cylinder, misroundness of crankshaft journal and connecting rod journal.


During the overhaul of the diesel engine ,the main parts of the diesel generator should be repaired, and the whole engine should be decompossed into assemblies, assemblies and parts, and checked and classified, and thoroughly inspected according to the technical conditions for repairs. Repair and reloading test.


How to do the cleaning work before the disassembly of diesel generator sets


it is an important link to do the maintenance work well in the process of maintenance of diesel generator set internal combustion engine. Cleaning methods and cleaning quality have an important impact on the accuracy, maintenance quality, maintenance cost and service life of unit parts. Cleaning of diesel generator engine parts includes oil removal, scale, carbon deposition, rust layer and old paint layer.


According to the material quality, precision degree, dirt property and cleaning requirement of each working procedure, different cleaning methods must be adopted to select suitable equipment, tools, process and cleaning medium. In order to obtain good cleaning effect.


Cleaning before disassembly mainly refers to external cleaning before disassembly. The purpose of external cleaning is to remove a large amount of dust, oil, sand and other dirt accumulated outside the mechanical equipment, so as to disassemble and avoid bringing dirt, sludge and the like into the repairing place. External cleaning is generally done by tap water, that is, the tap water is connected to the cleaning part by a hose, the oil is flushed with water, and the thick layer of the scraper is used. High-pressure water scouring, that is, high-pressure water flow with a pressure of 1 to 10 MPa is used for scouring. For thicker thick layers of soil, an appropriate amount of chemical cleaning agent can be added to increase the spray pressure and water temperature.


Common external cleaning equipments are: single-gun jet cleaning machine, which is a flushing action by a high-pressure continuous jet or a jet combined with the chemical action of the cleaning agent to remove dirt; a multi-nozzle jet cleaning machine with door frame moving and tunnel fixing There are two types, the nozzle installation position and the number vary depending on the purpose of the device.


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