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Instructions to Check Diesel Generator Set Before Start

Sep. 19, 2018

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the increasing shortage of power supply, more and more applications have been made for all kinds of communication equipment and units. Users should check diesel generator carefully before starting through doing a good job of inspection. So what needs to be checked before the start of the diesel generator set?

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First, we should check diesel engine carefully which is the main part of diesel genset.


1. Check whether the surface of the generator set is cleaned thoroughly, and if there is any loosening of the nuts of the ground nuts, flywheel screws and other sports parts, the problems can be found to be strong in time.


2. Check that all parts of the clearance are correct, in particular, carefully check the intake, exhaust valve clearance and pressure relief mechanism clearance to meet the requirements.


3. Put each cylinder in the pressure reducing position, rotate the crankshaft to check if there is any abnormal sound in the operation of each cylinder, and whether the crankshaft rotates freely. At the same time, pump the engine oil into the friction surface. Then, turn off the relief mechanism, shake the crankshaft, and check if the cylinder is leaking. If shakes the crankshaft, the feeling is very laborious, indicating compression is normal.


4. Check the fuel supply system.

A. Check that the vent holes in the fuel tank cover are clear and clean diesel generator set if there is dirt in the hole. Check that the added diesel engine is in accordance with the required license plate, fuel quantity is adequate, and turn on the fuel circuit switch.

B. Open the relief mechanism swing crankshaft, each cylinder should have a crisp injection sound, indicating good injection. If the injection is not heard, there may be air in the oil path. At this time, we can loosen the diesel oil filter and injection pump air releasing screw to eliminate the air in the oil path.

C. Check for oil leakage in the tubing and joint, and solve the problem in time.

D. Add oil to the fuel injection pump and governor to the specified oil level.


5. Check the cooling system

A. Check that the cooling water in the tank is adequate. If the water is insufficient, clean soft water should be added.

B. Check the water leakage at the water pipe joint and solve the problem in time.

C. Check that the impeller rotation of the cooling pump is flexible and that the belt is tight and appropriate.


6. Check the lubrication system.


A. Check the oil  pipe and pipe joints for oil leakage and solve the problem in time.

B. Fill the buttered nozzle with the specified grease.

C. Check the oil content of the oil pan, draw out the oil gauge next to the crankcase, observe where the height of the oil surface conforms to the prescribed requirements, and add the specified number of oil with different seasons and regions. During inspection, if the oil level is above the specified height, the reasons for the increase of oil should be carefully analyzed. There are usually three reasons.


1) Excessive addition of oil.

2) The diesel oil leakage into the crankcase and flushed the oil.

3) Cooling water leaking into engine oil.


7. Check the electrical start system

A. First, check whether the relative density of the starting battery electrolyte is in the range of 1.240-1.280, if the relative density is less than 1.180, it shows that the battery is insufficient.


B. Check for accumulative contamination or oxidation on the battery pole, it should be polished clean.


C. Check for accumulative contamination or oxidation on the battery pole, it should be polished clean.


D. Check that electrical contacts such as starting motors and electromagnetic manipulators are in good condition.


Precautions in diesel engine use and preparation and nursing before starting.


The following inspection work should be done before starting the diesel engine.


(1) Check that all parts of the diesel engine are normal, the attachment connection is not reliable.

(2) Check if the coolant is full.

(3) Check if the oil level in the diesel engine oil pan is at the specified position of the oil level.

(4) Check the adequacy of diesel in the tank.

(5) Check that the connections of the diesel engine starting system are correct and that the battery charge is sufficient.

(6) Use a pre-pump on an oil pimp to press the fuel oil into the fuel system and unscrew the exhaust screw on the fuel injection pump. Or unscrew the exhaust screw plug on the fuel oil filter, remove the air from the fuel system until the oil from the outlet continues to flow without air bubbles and tighten the exhaust screw or the outlet screw plug. Then continue pumping until the return tubing has returned oil, the pump will tighten.

(7) For a new engine or a diesel engine with 5 or more unused engines, the crankshaft should be rotated 3/5 revolutions before starting.

(8) For a diesel engine with half-hour parking as an emergency, the engine can be started quickly in order to save for urgent use. In the period of stopping, every 3 to 5 minutes should start up to water and the oil temperature is more than 60 ℃..

(9) In order to make the diesel engine start smoothly, the engine room temperature should not be lower than 10 ℃.


After all the preparatory work before the start of the diesel engine is finished, when the engine starts at room temperature, it is only necessary to press the start button. At this point, the gear of the starting motor enters the gear ring of the flywheel and starts to rotate. Under normal circumstances, it takes only one time to start a diesel engine. If a small start is successful, a second start must made after the starter has stopped turning, and the starting time should not exceed 5 seconds at a time. The second start time interval should be not less than 2 minutes. For models with preheating devices when the ambient temperature is less than 10 ℃ and the cold starting system is required, press the preheat button and hold it for 20 to 40 seconds so that the air heater can be electrified and then immediately started.


After starting successfully, the user can continue to preheat the intake for 20 to 40 seconds as needed, so that the intake can continue to be preheated during the heating process of the diesel engine. In this way, the exhaust white smoke and the wear of the moving parts can be reduced during the starting process. In addition, when using the cold starting device mentioned above, the user can also use the low temperature starting fluid to spray the inlet of the supercharger when it is impossible to start at low temperature because of the failure. At the same time, the diesel engine can start quickly at low temperature. The initial speed of diesel engine should be 600-750 r/min. After starting, we should pay close attention to the readings of the instruments on the dashboard, especially the oil pressure gauge, and then check the diesel engine parts to see if there are ant anomalies, and begin to remove them.


Users should also pay attention to:

1) This machine adopts integral silicon rectifier generator. Voltage regulator is integrated in the generator. The non-charge indicator on the watch board should be extinguished when the integral silicon rectifier diesel generator works normally. By using the charging indicator lamp and the D pile head on the generator, not only can the magnetic field winding of the generator be initially excited, so that the battery can be charged at a lower speed. At the same time, when the starting circuit of the diesel engine is not working and the starting system circuit is not disconnected, the charging indicator light is on, reminding the user to disconnect the starting system circuit so as to avoid the battery discharging to the generator.


2) Regularly lubricate the bearing and tooth surfaces at both ends of the starting motor.


3) The motor should be operated in parallel with the battery, and the users can check whether the generator is working properly according to the instructions of the meter on the dashboard, without allowing the generator to be 1 very short by metal objects such as a screwdriver. Judge whether the generator is generating electricity by observing whether there are sparks, so as not components.



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