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Instructions for Diesel Generator Set Commissioning

Dec. 14, 2018

The precautions for  and use of the generator are as follows



1. Despite careful inspection and test operation before leaving the factory, the generator may be wet or malfunction after being transported or left unused for a long period of time. It should be thoroughly inspected before use.

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2. Use 50 ohm megger to measure the insulation resistance of the winding to ground. In the cold state, it should be greater than 2MΩ. If it is lower than 2MΩ, take measures to dry it. Otherwise, it cannot be used. Short-circuit electronic and capacitive components during measurement; prevent damage. Disconnect the regulator wiring to prevent damage to the regulator during measurement.


3. Install the bolts of the generator and the outlet box and check the tightening of the tweezers of each connection. Do not loosen, and the conductive parts should ensure good contact.


4. The generator should be well grounded, and the current carrying capacity of the grounding wire has the same capacity as the generator output line.


5. Must be familiar with the rated parameters on the generator nameplate before use.


6. The double-bearing generator must slowly rotate the generator rotor, making sure that there are no rubs, bumps, and abnormal noise.


Voltage setting


Before the generator leaves the factory, the voltage is set to the rated voltage according to the standard. No adjustment is needed. If the required voltage is inconsistent with the setting value, refer to the regulator manual to re-determine.




The wiring diagram and various parameters of the regulator need to be adjusted. For details, please consult the Starlight Technician.


Use: In order to ensure the normal power generation of the generator, you must pay attention to:


1. All output switches should be disconnected before starting the generator


2. Increase the speed to the rated speed, the terminal voltage rises to the rated value, observe its stability, if it is normal, you can close the switch to send electricity. After the load is applied, the prime mover speed may change, the frequency is lower than the rated frequency, and the prime mover speed can be adjusted again to the rated frequency.


3. Before the shutdown, the load must be cut off first, and the load is stopped at no load.


4. Three-phase generators must pay attention to three-phase load or current balance to avoid single-phase load operation or severe unbalanced load use, resulting in damage to the generator or regulator.


Basic Commissioning steps for diesel generator sets


After the diesel generator set is installed, it must be thoroughly inspected before it is put into operation. Otherwise, it is easy to produce safety faults, which should be taken seriously. Therefore, in the case of the diesel generator set installed, Starlight will do a basic Commissioning work on the diesel generator set to test whether the unit is intact and normal. Let me introduce the basic Commissioning steps of the diesel generator set.


1. Add water to the tank. Turn off the drain valve first, add clean drinking water or purified water to the position of the tank, and cover the tank cover.


2. Add oil. Choose CD-40 Great Wall brand diesel engine oil. The oil is divided into summer and winter. Different oils are used in different seasons. During the process of adding oil, pay attention to the vernier scale until the oil is added to the immersion position of the vernier scale. Cover the oil cover. Do not add more. More oil can cause oil and oil to burn.


3. The oil and oil return of the machine should be clearly distinguished. To ensure that the machine's oil intake is clean, it is generally necessary to allow the diesel to settle for 72 hours. Do not insert the oil into the bottom of the cylinder to avoid getting dirty oil and clogging the tubing.


4. Pump diesel. First loosen the nut on the hand pump, hold the handle of the diesel generator hand pump, and evenly pull the pressure until the oil enters the oil pump.


5. Let the air go. Want to loosen the bleed screw of the high pressure oil pump, then press the hand pump, you will see oil and air bubbles overflow in the screw hole until you see all the oil flowing out, and finally tighten the screw


6. Connect the starter motor. Distinguish between the positive and negative poles of the motor and the positive and negative poles of the battery. This is the positive pole, and this is the negative pole at the tail. The two batteries should be connected in series to achieve a 24V effect. Connect the positive pole of the motor first. When connecting the positive pole, do not let the terminal contact other wiring sections. Then connect the negative pole of the motor and be sure to tighten it to avoid burning the wiring section.


7. Air Switch. Before the machine is started or the machine does not enter the power transmission state, the switch should be in a separate state. There are four terminals at the lower end of the switch. These three are three-phase fire wires. The Cummins generator set is connected to the power line, and the independent one is zero. The power supply for the line, the neutral line and any of the fire lines is 220V. Do not use one third of the rated power of the generator.


8. Instrument section. The ammeter is used to accurately read the amount of power used during use. A voltmeter that detects the motor output voltage. Frequency meter, the frequency meter must reach 50Hz, which is the basis for detecting the speed. Current and voltage transfer switches for detecting motor meter data. The oil pressure gauge detects the oil pressure of the diesel engine. At full speed, it should be no less than 0.2 atmosphere. The tachometer should be at 1500 rpm. The water temperature gauge should not exceed 95 degrees during use, and the oil temperature should not exceed 85 degrees.


9. Start Up. Turn on the ignition switch, press the button, release the generator set after driving, run for 30 seconds, turn the high and low speed switch, and the machine will ramp up to high speed at idle speed to check the reading of all the meters. Under all normal conditions, the air switch can be closed and the power transmission is successful.


10. Stop. First turn off the air switch, cut off the power supply, adjust the diesel engine from high speed to low speed, let the machine idle for another 3 to 5 minutes, then turn off.


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