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How to Test Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 23, 2019


The test steps of diesel generator set are listed below.


Manual start


1. When the indoor temperature is below 20 ℃, open the electric heater and preheat the machine.

2. Check the body and surrounding for any obstruction of the operation of debris, if any should be removed in time.

3. Check crankcase oil level, fuel tank oil level, radiator water level. If the oil level is below the specified value, it should be replenished to the normal position.

4. Check that the fuel supply valve and the cooling water stop valve are in the open position.

5. Check that the battery pack voltage for starting the electric motor is normal.

6. Check the test button of the distribution screen and observe whether the alarm indicator is turned on.

7. Check that the switches on the distribution screen are in the opening position and that the meters are in zero position.

8. Start air inlet and exhaust.

9. Press the start button of the engine to start the engine. If the first start fails, press the corresponding reset button on the distribution screen, wait for the alarm to be eliminated, the unit will return to normal state before the second start. After starting, the sound of the machine running is normal, the cooling pump running indicator light and the road meter indication are normal, start successfully.

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Manual operation of parallel power supply


1. The oil temperature, water temperature and oil pressure of the generator are up to normal and running normally.

2. The output voltage and frequency of the equal-parallel generator are consistent with those on the bus row.

3. Observe the indicator light and pointer of the synchronous indicator.

4. Observe the indicator light and pointer of the synchronous indicator.

5. Observe the indicator of the synchronous indicator. When the indicator is completely extinguished or the pointer rotates to zero, the switch can be hit and switched on.

6. Unit into parallel operation, and then its synchronizer handle back to the "off" position.

7. If the synchronizer pointer rotates too fast or counterclockwise after the synchronizer is closed, parallel driving is not allowed, otherwise, the closing will fail.

8. After the manual parallel operation is successful, contact the low voltage power distribution room immediately to make sure whether the general distribution panel feedout switch can be closed for power transmission.


Operational safety management


1. Check each indicator instrument according to the specified time, pay attention to the pressure of lubricating oil and whether the water temperature has changed. The pressure of lubricating oil shall not be lower than 150 KPA, and the temperature of cooling water shall not be higher than 95 ℃.

2. Check crankcase oil level, fuel tank oil level, radiator water level, below normal position should be replenished.

3. Observe every instrument and alarm indicator lamp of power distribution screen whether it is normal or not. Where a red light indicates a failure, the green light is a normal operating indicator.

4. Check that the charger is charged properly.

5. Listen to the sound of the parts of the machine.

6. Hand mold body housing, bearing part housing, tubing, water pipe, sensory temperature is normal.

7. Pay attention to the hair or electrical equipment has the smell of coke paste and so on.

8. If any adverse situation is found, it should be dealt with immediately and the serious case should be stopped to deal with.

9. When a fault stops, remove the fault and press the repeater on the unit before the unit can be operated again.

10. For each operation parameter, every class record is not less than twice.


Defencive Function


1. High / low voltage alarm and shutdown of generator set

2. High / low frequency alarm and shutdown of generator set

3. Engine high water temperature alarm

4. Engine low speed/ overspeed forecast alarm, stop

5. Engine low oil pressure alarm

6. Battery voltage high / low alarm

7. Overflow alarm, trip, shutdown

8. Short circuit tripping

9. Shutdown of oil pressure sensor

10. Engine speed induction signal loss alarm, shutdown

11. generator phase sequence error alarm shutdown

12. Generator unit according to the ground fault alarm stop

13. Emergency shutdown / start alarm stop

14. Fuel oil level too low alarm


Stop diesel generator set


1. The output feed switch of the master control screen opens the gate and unblocks the power grid.

2. The generator stops without load for 10 minutes.

3. Stop the fan, cooling water pump and so on.


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