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How to Find Reliable Volvo Diesel Generator Set Supplier

Oct. 16, 2019

Volvo generator sets have the advantages of excellent starting performance, stable voltage, reliable operation, low emission, low noise and convenient maintenance. They have good economy and high altitude adaptability. And there are many manufacturers of Volvo diesel generator sets, so which one to buy?

Volvo diesel generator

                                                            580KW Volvo Diesel Generator Set


Volvo is Sweden’s largest industrial company with more than 120 years of history. It is one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world. Its engine output has reached more than 1 million units and it is widely used in automobiles, construction machinery and ships. In the equal power section, it is the ideal power for the generator set. In the equal power section, it is the ideal power for the generator set. In addition, Volvo is the only manufacturer in the world that specializes in in-line four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesel engines. It is the leader in this technology. The Volvo generator series is imported, certificate of origin, certificate of conformity, commodity inspection certificate, customs declaration. Certificates and so on. As a OEM supplier of Volvo, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipment Co., Ltd has provided hundreds of high performance generator sets for domestic users.


The specific product features of Volvo diesel generators are as follows:

1. The shape design is exquisite and compact, optimized design of the shock obsorber body, matching supercharger, low-speed cooling fan, making it work very smoothly.

2. The generator set runs smoothly and has low noise, reducing noise to 60dB(A).

3. The fuel consumption is low, the exhaust air/gas emissions are low, and the economy is environmentally friendly. Typical smoke exhaust is less than 1 Bosch unit and fuel consumption is low.

4. The heater is mounted in the intake manifold so that the engine is easy to start when the ambient temperature is low.

5. Powerful loading capacity. The low-resistance supercharger and the responsive fuel injection system give the engine a high load-bearing capacity in a short recovery time.

6. Has a good protection system. During the operation of the diesel engines, when there is fault such as high cooling water temperature and low oil pressure, the controller automatically cuts off the working power of the external oil solenoid valve and the electronic governor, the diesel engine will stop running, and the fault alarm prompt is output.

7. Sweden Volvo has large maintenance and training in China, spare parts distribution center, and convenient sales maintenance.


Volvo diesel generators have a high load carrying capacity and fast, reliable cold start performance, low drag supercharger and fast response fuel injection system, so that the engine has a high load capacity in a short recovery time. So how do users choose Volvo diesel generator set suppliers?


At present, there are many suppliers of Volvo diesel generators in China, but the strength, history and assembly process of each manufacturer determine the quality of assembled diesel generator sets. Starlight Power recommends that users should not be sloppy when purchasing diesel generator sets, and it is better to conduct on site inspections. Before the sale, we designed and selected the users according to the project, the owner’s equipment, from the product power, function and brand, and assisted the user to design the genset room for free. During the sale, we provided free on-site debugging for the user, and freely developed training plans for the users. Training operators, the two sides discuss (factory or on site) training methods, content and time, according to the actual situation, after the sale, we provides users with a one-year free warranty.


Maintenance of Volvo TWD1630G, TAD1630G and TAD1630G Engine


Running Hours

Maintaining Content

Before daily start

1. Check the oil quantity. The oil level should be between the upper and lower lines of the oil dipstick, the oil quality VDS or API CD or CE. For continuously running engines, check the oil level at least every 8 hours.


2. Check the outside of the radiator and TAD type cooler for blockage and clean if necessary.


3. Check the outside of the radiator and TAD intercooler for obstruction and clean if necessary.


4. Check if the air filter is blocked. If the red part of the air filter resistance indicator is fully exposed. Stop and replace the air filter. Press the button on the end of the indicator to reset the indicator.

Every 1200 hours

1. Professionals should check and adjust the valve clearance. The inspection and adjustment should be carried out under engine stop and cold conditions.


2. Ask a professional to disassemble and check the fuel injector. Replace the injector if necessary. Tightening torque, injector core plate bolt 50N. m (5kgf.m), high pressure fuel pipe connection nut 1.5-2.0kgf.m).


3. Check the working status of the supercharger by a professional and carry out routine inspection of the engine and its accessories.


Every 6 months

Replace the coolant filter (do not replace the coolant). Close the switch to position A. Use a special tool to remove the old filter and install the new filter with the oil filter (see section 8). Open the switch to position B.

Every 24 months

Clean the cooling system and replace the coolant. Check for no water leakage, low coolant level, malfunction of thermostat, failure of the cooling fan, and plugging of the radiator and intercooler or other components of the cooling system mat cause the water temperature to be too high.



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