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How to Design Monitoring System of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 12, 2018

Diesel generator sets play an important role in ensuring continuous and safe production, and its monitoring system is its core technology and key. The diesel generator set monitoring system includes hardware design and software design to ensure accurate measurement of the performance and operating status of the diesel engine block. The following is an analysis of the design and implementation of the diesel generator set monitoring system.

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I Hardware design for monitoring of diesel generator sets


Due to its own characteristics, the diesel generator set should be installed in the control cabinet of the generator set. The hardware design of the monitoring system has its own requirements and technical indicators. Therefore, the hardware design of the monitoring system of the diesel generator set must meet the diesel generator set. Functional technical indicator requirements.


1. Monitoring system CPU

The CPU in the monitoring system of the diesel generator set is the central link in the monitoring system of the diesel power generation group, mainly to coordinate the organization and operation of the monitoring system. The current domestic and international monitoring systems are generally high-performance microprocessors, users. The monitoring requirements of the diesel generator set can be realized by partially modifying the monitored parameters by means of man-machine dialogue. As a high-performance, low-voltage device, the MCU can be used as the CPU in the monitoring system. The MCU can be repeatedly erased and written, because its high density and strong storage technology can achieve better monitoring. The MCU also has a timer. It can be automatically captured and reloaded for better monitoring design.


2. Frequency detection


Frequency detection is a very important indicator for detecting power generation quality in diesel generator sets. Therefore, the monitoring system that needs to be designed must accurately and timely detect the frequency of the generator set. The speed of the generator is proportional to the power generation frequency of the generator. As long as the speed of the generator set is kept stable, the frequency of the generator can be kept stable. The frequency of the generator set is evaluated, and the measurement can be performed by using a single chip microcomputer. The method mainly includes a frequency measuring method and a measuring period method.


3. Analog signal acquisition and processing


The generator itself has a sensor that converts the analog quantity into a power signal. Because of the signal amplitude of the sensor, plus the interference of the generator itself, the signal is conditioned before the signal is converted. Signal conditioning is mainly for the analog processing of signals, which is carried out by electronic circuits. The purpose is to output through the power signal of the sensor, so as to realize the signal conversion after processing. Signal conditioning can compensate for the nonlinearity of the sensor, thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio of the signal and improving the quality of the signal. The design of the monitoring system of the diesel generator set should use the circuit of the input channel to change the current output by the sensor into an AC signal, and finally convert it into a unipolar DC signal, and input the analog-to-digital converter through the filter circuit.


After the information is collected and analyzed by the monitoring system of the generator set, it can be judged whether the various working links are normal, because in the case of a fault in the operation, the monitoring system of the diesel generator set can issue an alarm and display by turning the button to red. .


4. Hardware anti-jamming design


To ensure the stability of the hardware system in the generator set, several measures can be taken to resist the interference: for the first time, isolation and shielding are performed. This is to prevent the coupling interference, and to isolate the digital part and the analog part, which can suppress the interference of the digital system; Secondly, the decoupling capacitor can be added to the components of the integrated circuit for microprocessor processing. In addition, the ground line is used to resist interference.


II Software design for monitoring diesel generator sets


1. A very important function of the MCU is data processing. Data processing is also an important interface between the sensor and the MCU. There are two main types of data processing, analog signals and digital signals. The analog signal is sampled by the AC voltage, so as to prevent the disturbance from being multi-sampled. The software writing of the switch signal is relatively simple, and the data transmission between the MCU and the MCU is realized by the 74HC165.


2. Interrupt processing


The interrupt processing of the single-chip microcomputer used in the diesel generator set monitoring system brings great benefits to the design of the monitoring of the diesel generator set. It can flexibly solve the problems that cannot be solved in the monitoring system, and the timing and capture in the monitoring system. Features can be achieved.


3. Serial communication design


The background monitoring is designed for the monitoring of the management personnel. Therefore, the background monitoring must have a viewable page, so that the visualization can be better realized. The VB can be used to implement this function. The background monitoring system does not use the single chip microcomputer to collect. Instead, the amount of information is used to display the information, thereby realizing the communication capability of the single chip microcomputer.


4. Anti-jamming design of software

The technical design in the anti-interference design of software mainly has the following points: active initialization design, which is mainly for those components that are easy to be interfered with, for these, initialization processing is required; software filtering method, which is for normal interference It is carried out by means of using the program to reduce the proportion of interference in the signal, thereby realizing the filtering on the program; repeatedly executing the program instructions to ensure contact with external devices, therefore, it is necessary to execute the repeated execution of the program, except In addition, watchdog technology can be used to prevent infinite loops.


In summary, the reliability and continuity of the diesel generator set is very important, so it is imperative to design an accurate and timely monitoring system for monitoring the normal operation state of the generator set.


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