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How to Adjust the Oil Supply of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 05, 2018

If the fuel supply of each cylinder of the diesel generator set is not uniform, for example, sometimes the fuel supply of the cylinder is too large. Sometimes the fuel supply of the cylinder is too small, which will directly affect the stability of the engine, and the removable fuel injection pump can be checked and adjusted on the test bench. However, if a test rig is not available and an uneven fuel supply check is necessary, a rough inspection of the fuel supply of the suspected cylinder can also be carried out. Below introduces the method of checking and adjusting the oil supply of diesel generator set.


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1. Prepare two glass gauges for use. If you can't find the metering cylinder for a while, you can also use the same bottle instead.

2. Remove high-pressure tubing connections connected to injectors with a cylinder of too large or too small a fuel supply.

3. Remove the high-pressure pipe connector connected to the injector with a cylinder of normal fuel supply.

4. Insert two tubing ends into two measuring cylinders (or bottles) respectively.

5. Use the starter belt engine to turn the fuel injection pump.

6. When there is a certain amount of diesel oil in the measuring cylinder (or a small bottle), the quantity of oil supplied can be determined by comparing the quantity of oil on the horizontal table, whether the fuel supply is too large or too small. If it is replaced by a small bottle, it can be weighed and compared. The relative position of the fork (or gear ring) on the rod (tooth rod) can be adjusted by changing the fuel quantity of the fuel injection pump. The P _ type pump can be adjusted by turning the flange sleeve.



What should be paid attention to in regulating the fuel supply of Diesel generating set


The fuel supply of diesel generator sets has an important effect on the working stability of the genset. The above has already introduced the regulation method of the diesel generator unit's fuel supply quantity, so what matters should we pay attention to in regulating the unit's oil supply size?


1. Loose fork (or ring and flange sleeve) fixing screw. The quantity of oil supply can be changed by only a small amount of movement, and must not be moved too large, otherwise, it is difficult to adjust accurately. If necessary, the initial position can be marked first for easy comparison.


2. The tightening degree of the fixing screws must be confirmed after each adjustment.


3. The tightening degree of the fixing screws must be confirmed after each adjustment. This is because the adjustment is made at a low speed. Considering the influence of many factors such as oil leakage, greater inhomogeneity is allowed at this time (30%). However, due to the effect of throttling at high speed, the allowable inhomogeneity is less (3%). If the oil quantity at low speed is higher than the standard oil supply, the high speed oil quantity may vary greatly, even exceed the rated oil supply.


4. If the difference between the maximum and the minimum oil supply on the same engine is large, do not hurry to adjust, can first the two sub-pump of the oil valve to install, check and compare. This can sometimes change the amount of oil supplied. If the adjustment does not change the amount of oil supply, the two pumps need to be adjusted one by one.


5. Use comparison method to adjust oil supply, operation must be careful and meticulous.


Causes and inspection methods of fuel injection pump in diesel generator set without or too little fuel supply


Main causes of non-supply of fuel injection pump in diesel generator set


1. There is no oil in the tank or the oil switch is not open.

2. The diesel filter is blocked.

3. There is a great deal of air in the oil path.

4. The plunger spring of the fuel injection pump is broken.

5. Excessive wear of plunger coupling.

6. The plunger jammed.

7. The screw slot of the plunger is misplaced.

8. Excessive wear and tear of the oil delivery valve or dirt cushion on the outlet valve.

9. Supply valve spring broken or elastic weakened.

10. The plane contact between the oil supply valve and the plunger sleeve is not strict, which leads to the leakage of diesel oil from the gap of the contact surface, and the failure to open the oil supply valve at the top of the oil supply valve, which results in the fuel injection pump not supplying oil.

11. The oil valve ruptured.


Inspection method: If each cylinder does not supply fuel, the diesel engine can not work. If an individual cylinder does not supply fuel, the diesel engine is difficult to start, even if started, the work is also unstable. After finding this fault, first check whether there is oil in the diesel tank, whether the fuel tank switch is open, and whether the vent hole of the fuel tank is blocked. Then unscrew the diesel filter and the exhaust screw of the injection pump, pump the oil by hand or rely on the gravity self-flow of the diesel oil. If there are bubbles in the diesel oil flowing out of the outlet screw, it is necessary to find out whether the reason is the shortage of diesel oil in the tank or the loosening of the tubing joint or the rupture of the tubing and the imperfect sealing gaskets. After troubleshooting, continue to pump oil by hand or gravity self-flow by diesel until there are no bubbles in the oil. Then tighten the vent screw and hand pump. If you feel that the oil supply is not smooth when using hand pump oil or gravity self-flow of diesel oil, you should check whether the oil filter and the low pressure oil line are clogged if there is a blockage in the low-pressure oil route. If there is a low-pressure oil leakage in the oil will also lead to oil flow. If there is no problem after inspection, the fault is inside the oil pump and should be dismantled and inspected. If the pump is also no problem, the fault on the injection pump. For the combined fuel injection pump, the side cover of the fuel injection pump can be unloaded here, the throttle handle is placed in the position of stopping the oil supply, the plunger spring seat of the fuel injection pump is crowed by a screw, the pump oil action is done, and the plunger spring is broken and the plunger is jammed. At the same time, check whether the screw of adjusting gear ring is loose or not, and cause the change of fuel supply. If the check is good, the wear degree of the plunger coupling and the sealing performance of the oil outlet valve should be checked.


The main reasons for the low fuel supply of the injection pump in the Diesel Generator set


1. There is air or oil pipe joint loose oil leakage in the fuel injection pump.

2. The intake pressure is too low.

3. The plunger adjusts the oil supply too small, or adjusts the locking screw loosening displacement of the gear ring to make the oil supply too small.

4. The plunger coupling is worn out.

5. The seal of the oil supply valve is not strict.

6. Adjustment screw adjustment is too small or throttle handle control screw adjustment is too small.


Inspection methods: After finding this fault, first check if there is any loose oil leakage in the air and tubing joint in the fuel system. If there is no problem in these areas, check whether the diesel filter and low pressure oil line is blocked; the oil supply condition of the oil pump; and whether the return valve spring is too weak, etc. After checking, the side cover of the fuel injection pump can be removed, and the locking screw of the adjusting gear ring can be removed or the oil supply is too small. If this is not the case, check the sealing of the valve, the wear degree of the plunger, the maximum amount of oil adjustment screw and throttle handle limiting screw, etc.


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