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Five Technical Requirement of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 23, 2019

1. Oil Filter


Oil in use will be mixed with some impurity particles, such as particles produced by friction, debris left over by unclean parts, and early oxidized particles produced at high temperatures in individual places. These particles include iron pins, sand grains, Rubber particles, mixed in oil will cause friction side effects, damage and even burning tile, reduce service life and reliability. Diesel engine oil filter must be used, oil filter mainly with paper filter, filter paper to filter out the impurities in the oil. Some filters can be divided into coarse filter and fine filter, the particles of 0.040mm can be filtered off 100%, the particles of 0.030-0.040mm can be filtered off 99%, if the concentration of particles below 0.030mm is too large, it will cause oil deterioration; You can filter out 100 particles above 0.010mm and 94.2% above 0.005mm. If you use a low-quality oil filter, if you use a shoddy oil filter, in case of plugging or increasing resistance, the oil pressure of the main oil channel will decrease, resulting in insufficient oil content in the main bearing. Leading to serious consequences.


Filter of Diesel Generator Set


The basic requirement of the oil filter is that the filter effect is good and the resistance is small, and the two are contradictory. In order that the oil can be filtered well without causing excessive resistance, several filters are installed in the lubricating system of the general diesel engine, each in series with the main oil channel (all the circulating oil of the diesel engine passes through it, This filter is called full flow and parallel (this filter is called shunt).


Oil filter can be divided into filter type and centrifugal type according to filter mode. In addition, magnetic core metal wear debris as an auxiliary filter measures. The filter type can be divided into fine filter, coarse filter and collecting filter according to the different filter ability. The filter oil filter can be divided into screen type, scraper type, wire wound type, sawdust filter type, paper filter core type and compound type according to their different structure.



2. Fuel Filter


The diesel filter mainly filters out the dust and impurities that enter the fuel pump, because these dust and impurities can damage the fuel pump and injector, so the user must choose the high quality diesel filter.


Filter of Diesel Generator Set


3. Coolant Clarifier


The coolant should be filtered because it contains sediment, dust, oil and scale, processed iron rust and precipitation, precipitated protective agents and spoilt gasket debris, which are stored in the engine. Especially after storage for a certain period of time, (the supplementary water also contains dust, sediment, etc.) will hinder the thermostat work, pollute and clog the water pipe in the oil cooler, block the radiator (water tank), hose, etc. Cooling water channels in pipes and cylinder blocks. 


Metal scraps, such as sediment, may cause wear on the impeller and shaft of the pump, damage to the sealing ring of the cylinder liner, wear of the seal on the end surface of the pump and the thermostat, these particles and metal chips, sealing debris, etc., if they are plugged into the thermostat, The thermostat can no longer be turned on and off, so standard water filters must be used and replaced regularly.

4. Air Filter


Cummins diesel engine (generator set) uses the ordinary light single dry air filter, the high quality standard filter is made of specially treated filter paper, can be replaced, the efficiency can reach 99.5%. Fresh air enters the air filter from around the air filter, and the air required for the combustion of a diesel engine also depends on the air filter. Therefore, the smaller the resistance of the air filter, the better. After the air filter is used for a certain period of time, the filter core will become dirty. If the resistance increases beyond the specified value, the diesel engine will not have enough air for combustion, which will result in smoke, insufficient power and so on. The air resistance indicator installed on the inlet can indicate whether the air resistance is normal. If the resistance exceeds the specified value, the indicator changes from normal green to abnormal red, and the filter should be replaced. Then click on the end of the indicator to restore green.


5. Lubricant



The use of high quality oil, with a suitable oil replacement and oil filter replacement cycle, is an important factor in prolonging the service life of a diesel engine. Cummins and Rolls-Royce do not recommend any particular class of engine oil.


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