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7 Characteristics of Supercharged Diesel Engine Working Process

Sep. 21, 2022

In the previous article, we shared with you that the performance of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set will be improved after supercharging, but at the same time, it will also increase the mechanical load and heat load of the unit, and the unit is prone to failure. However, with the continuous research and development of technology, these shortcomings are constantly being overcome. At present, the new diesel generator sets do not have the above shortcomings. So today, we will further share with you the characteristics of the diesel generator set supercharged diesel engine in its working process.

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The working process of the supercharged diesel engine of the diesel generator set is to compress the air entering the engine cylinder in advance to increase the pressure of the air entering the cylinder, thereby increasing the air charge quality and increasing the fuel injection volume with the cooperation of the fuel supply system. The fuel is fully burned, which greatly improves the output power of the diesel engine. After the same type of non-supercharged diesel engine is supercharged, its output power can be increased by about 50%. So what are the characteristics of it in the working process? The following is an introduction to the starlight power generation equipment.

1. After the supercharged diesel engine is started, it must wait for the oil pressure to rise before accelerating, otherwise it will easily cause the supercharger bearing to burn out; especially when the diesel engine replaces the lubricating oil, cleans the supercharger, filter or replaces the filter element and stops For more than a week, after starting, in the state of running, loosen the oil inlet joint on the supercharger, tighten it after the lubricating oil overflows, and then add the load after idling for a few minutes.

2. On some supercharged models, in order to further improve its low temperature starting performance, there is also an intake air preheating device on the intake pipe of the diesel engine, which should be used correctly when starting at low temperature.

3. The diesel engine should avoid running at idle speed for a long time, otherwise it will easily cause the oil in the supercharger to leak into the compressor and cause the phenomenon of oil spray from the exhaust pipe.

4. After replacing the new diesel engine or supercharger, the oil inlet pipe joint on the supercharger must be removed, and 50~60ml of oil must be added to prevent the supercharger bearing from being burned due to lack of oil during startup.

5. Before stopping the diesel engine, it must run at an idle speed for 2~3 minutes. Under non-special circumstances, it is not allowed to stop suddenly, in order to prevent the supercharger from overheating and cause the supercharger bearing to die.

6. Always use the moment after the diesel engine is stopped to monitor whether there is a rubbing sound between the supercharger impeller and the casing. If there is a rubbing sound, the supercharger should be disassembled immediately to check whether the bearing clearance is normal.

7. The airtightness of the intake and exhaust pipes of the supercharged diesel engine must be maintained, otherwise the performance of the diesel engine will be affected. Always check whether the tightening nut or bolt is loose, whether the hose clamp is clamped, and replace the gasket if necessary.

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