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5 Tips For Maintaining Diesel Generators

Nov. 09, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Generation Equipment:

In the current electricity environment, frequent power cuts in many areas are a harsh reality, and diesel generators can become a real backup power system. Diesel generators are famous for their excellent power and fuel efficiency. Many modern enterprises rely on diesel generators to meet their specific requirements. However, the diesel generator, like other machines, also needs regular maintenance. Continuous operation will make different parts of the generator bear huge pressure. Follow these tips below to make full use of the diesel generator and optimize its operation time.


Check and top up engine oil.

The engine oil of the generator lubricates different components, helping to reduce friction caused by frequent wear. After turning off the generator, be sure to check the oil level of the generator with the oil dipstick. Let the upper oil flow back to the crankcase and fill it regularly. Change the oil and oil filter regularly (read the manufacturer's instructions through your user manual). Select a lubricant that meets the OEM general lubricant specifications.


Test and clean the battery.

The generator with low battery power cannot generate enough power to meet your requirements. The battery must be kept fully charged and well maintained. If your generator does not perform an indicative test to measure the terminal voltage under load, use a manual battery load tester to test.


Clean the battery with a damp cloth. If you find signs of corrosion around the terminals, clean them. In open lead acid batteries, check the specific gravity and electrolyte level of each battery (every 200 hours of operation).


diesel generator

Check the coolant level.

Check the coolant level from time to time. Add coolant until the level meets the manufacturer's requirements. If you have a heavy-duty diesel generator, add a balanced mixture of coolant additives, water, and antifreeze. Check and clean the outside of the radiator with a soft brush. Be careful not to damage the fins and clean the radiator with low pressure compressed air.


Check different systems.

Diesel will be polluted over time. To avoid corrosion and other problems caused by contaminated diesel fuel, drain the fuel filter regularly. Regularly check different systems such as fuel system and starting system. Check the charge air cooler pipes and hoses for leaks, cracks and holes. Repair leaks around the exhaust pipe (usually at gaskets, connection points and welds).


Clean the diesel generator.

The cleaner the diesel generator, the easier it is to maintain it. Repair damaged hoses and belts. Take measures to prevent animals from nesting in the generator, and always keep the engine clean.


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