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5 Technical Advantages of Yuchai Diesel Engine 6K Product

Nov. 29, 2023

The Yuchai diesel engine 6K product uses Top Down Cooling technology, anti high explosion pressure technology, efficient braking technology, four valve technology, modular technology, and more, with energy-saving requirements of up to 25L/100km and emission reduction requirements meeting the Euro 6 standard. This article introduces the five major technical features of Yuchai diesel 6K products by professional generator manufacturer Dingbo Electric.

The Top Down Cooling technology is synchronized with the latest cooling system development released in Europe in 2015. The cylinder head temperature is reduced by more than 15 ℃ compared to traditional engines, which can significantly reduce the temperature sensitivity of core components such as engine cylinder heads and significantly reduce the material mechanical strength and thermal decay. It also significantly improves the overall stiffness, combustion, and ability to adapt to different temperatures.

yuchai diesel generator set

High explosive pressure technology

1. Explosion resistance design is a comprehensive engineering project that requires a comprehensive consideration of the cylinder body, cylinder head, crank connecting rod mechanism, and valve distribution mechanism.

2. Cylinder head: The integrated integral cylinder head of the intake pipe, cooling technology, and overhead cam greatly enhance the stiffness of the cylinder head.

3. Cylinder body: Symmetrical cylinder body, reinforced with cast iron reinforcement plate, with integrated water sealing ring design to improve the strength and deformation resistance of the cylinder liner. The positioning of the micro interference main bearing cover can achieve the effect of breaking and easy maintenance.

4. Crank and connecting rod mechanism: fully balanced high-strength forged steel crankshaft, inclined notch expansion and fracture connecting rod, high-quality bearing material and wide bearing surface, GPT material technology to reduce cylinder clearance and lateral force, and full piston steel ring can greatly reduce wear and deformation.

5. Valve train: High strength camshaft and large angle valve design, ensuring good wear resistance, reduced contact stress, and greater pressure bearing capacity.

Efficient braking

The exhaust butterfly valve+compression type cylinder brake is the third generation product of the current international high braking power main flow line. The 6K product adopts compression brake, which improves braking efficiency by more than 25%. First generation: single exhaust butterfly valve braking; Second generation: exhaust butterfly valve+slow-release release type cylinder brake. There are still a large number of second-generation products being used in China.

Valve technology

The 6K product adopts overhead cam four valve technology, which can achieve higher inflation efficiency and lower pump air loss, and is currently the mainstream technology route at home and abroad.


1. 6K is the first product in the domestic heavy truck industry to adopt modular technology. The focus is on improving product reliability, applying thermal management technology, improving maintenance convenience, and reducing maintenance costs.

2. Modular components mainly include integrated oil cooler, integrated intake manifold cylinder head, overhead single cam valve train, integrated front wheel train, etc.

Note: The vague number of parts does not make much sense, and the number of engine parts depends on which level it is calculated to.

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